Return of the Cheese…and no Burpees

Return of the Cheese…and no Burpees

26 men entered into the cool, crisp darkness to take on a pre USMC mud run, partner themed beat down.

Tiny jog, then stumble and flawless recovery (by yours truly), to find an area with light, find a partner and to get the blood flowing

-Arm Circles x…well 10 in one direction, perhaps 6 in the other then too much mumble chatter had to move

Jog down to the stairway for the Q’s favorite exercise

-Partner Wheelbarrow up the stairs
-15 squats
then flapjack x4 round trips

Mosey to Football field

-Partner Drag to the 50 yrd line, flap jack
-Run 200 yrds

– Over / Under x15 then flap jack
– Run 200 yards

– Partner Carry to the 50 yrd line, flap jack
-Run 200 yards

Mosey to track for partner corner run

First Corner
– Partner One Runs to corner of the oval and back to the start line
– Partner two performs diamond merkins until partner returns, then flap jack

Second Corner
– Partner 1 runs / Partner 2 -Rosalita , then flap jack

Third Corner
– Partner 1 runs / Partner 2- Wide arm merkins, then flap Jack

Due to time, skip corner 4 and mosey to mid field

– Partner Stand up x15 (arms or no arm lock)
– Partner LBC x30 per person (feet up and touch)
– Partner Plank merkin x 10, then flap jack
– Time running out, do another set of Partner Plank merkin x10, then flap jack

Run 3/4 around track and back to parking lot

– After skipping much of the summer due to injury, I had never intended to Q just a few weeks back. That said, thank you SC and the rest of the Pax for your patience while I dusted off my Q skills. Well, all except for Bulldog who was relentless during warm-up. Besides the coalminers head lamp, that he so politely shined on me so the other Pax could see my form. I would tell you what he was saying, but who really understands him anyway 🙂
– Actually, I should have got bashed for my warm-up! Man, I can remember all of the exercises, but all that mumbo-jumbo before…well, not my strong suit
– Shout out to my partner, Lazy Boy, thanks for making me work and Q out there.
– To any Pax that I rushed, sorry, I had a winkie and darn if I wasn’t going to fit it all in
-Lastly, if I can lead, so can you. Please reach out to a site Q and get in the rotation, sure the old guys may rattle your cage, but it really is worth it

– Mud run shuttle leaves at 0500 on Sat, try to be there by 0450
-Best of luck to all the mud runners, have a safe and fun time
– Convergence on Sat at the Rock. All other workouts, Besides Stonehenge are canceled

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10 years ago

Good work out there Curd. By the way, I felt great in my long sleeve shirt today; no regrets. And pretty soon I’m breaking out the fuzzy vest. But you won’t see me in off-white wool gloves like my good friend Zipadee was wearing today.

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