Prision workout- Hydra Style

  • When:07/03/14
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: High Tide, Iron Horse, Monkey Joe, Pudding Pop, Drexler, Zima, Brown, Focker, Gekko, Sratch'n Win, Coleslaw, Stage Coach, Good Hands, Gummy, Morning After, Bug Eater, Escargot, Want Ad (FNG Hydra), Brisquet, Cheese Curd (Q)

Prision workout- Hydra Style

Jail house workout

Exactly 20 men of Area 51 were released for good behavior and made the decision to post for a prison style beat down.

The Thang

Light jog around the track, mostly forward then a little back peddle, before got into the yard, where the real action was.

Warm up was brief.. cadence count- SSH, Merkens, IW, LBC x15 each. Is it a sanctioned workout missing the staples??


Mosey to the play ground

YHC had planed for 5 stations/25 guys, but the numbers worked out right, so we settled on 4 stations with 5 exercises each station.  Depending what station you started with, you should have had the opportunity to do everything once.  Here were the stations:

1) Monkey Bars

Pull up / supine, Calf Raises, Incline Merken, Calf Raises, Decline Merken

2) Pipe Worm

Dips, Incline Merken, LBC, Dip, Decline Merken

3) Parallel bars

2 hand KB high pull (to chin), 10lb Medicine ball toss squat, LBC (on parallel bar), Deep Chest Merken (on parallel bar), Balls to Fence

4) Angled Bar

Jump up, Wall Sit, Pull up/ supine, Rope, 2 hand KB Tri extension


We moved through the first 2 complete stations doing each exercise for 80 seconds per. YHC audibled and thought a lap around baseball fields was needed. After that, YHC also modified the time to 60 seconds per exercise.

After the last 2 stations, another lap and a quick time check, we needed to get back to the parking lot for a few mins of Mary

CC: LBC’s (#?) and Bicycles x30 (forward and backward) finished off the morning



– Plently of mumble chatter this am as we got started. However, that settled down quickly.

– The plan was simple (always simple if you MAKE it) and I hope that the paper at each station helped each group stay somewhat organized.

– Why 80 seconds per rep?  As explained, my PT is always timed at 60 sec.  I just new you could do more, so I added 20 sec.  An aggressive start that I might reconsider that next time.  Hence the 3rd set, I thought everyone (YHC included) would prefer us to just do 60sec per

– This was not the typical boot camp that we are all used to.  The goal was 0.0, but I needed the break. Sorry Brown, I hear we did  0.87 miles today.

– Few runners and bikers on the way in.  Not sure who traveled the furthest (sound off in comments), but I think SC may have received the Gold Star today. Close to +5 miles total (guessing)

– Besides AO-Hydra having a great facility for this type of workout, I hope you enjoyed my new rope and my medicine ball that’s been collecting dust.  I however missed the rope, as I couldn’t follow my own workout

– Always a good time to lead a workout!  Sorry for no burpees, mtn climbers, lunges, etc, Consider yourself added to my Dr list of no-no’s for today!



READ THE WEBSITE and/or FOLLOW TWITTER- Lots of convergences/ workout changes for the 4th and on Sat.  Don’t be the sad clown when your the only one to post to a workout that has moved for the day

– Mud Run sign up- deadline soon

– Hydra Q call out, contact Bug Eater if your intrested

– 4th of July convergence at the Rock, I believe all other south workouts are shut down

– Olympus and Assent to converge on Sat at OP.


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High Tide
9 years ago

Good one, CC! Nice change of pace. Plus, it worked well for my return after 4.5 wks of no running as I nurse my achilles. The light jogs were good, and the rest provided a solid, overall beatdown. Thanks for bringing out the rope and med ball, too.

9 years ago

Great lead curd.

We have 4 pax EH’d for a hydra Q after my callout today. Strong! Brown, Iron Horse, Escargot, and Stage Coach. Still looking for some newbies who have been in 3-6 months and ready for a Q go round. Let me know.

Also I announced no F3 Dads on Saturday…

Puddin Pop up next week for Q, bring it PP.

And last that balls to the fence exercise is a bit on the risky side. Man glad you said the disclaimer and no prob with anyone who modified there.

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