True Snow day- Snow and playground equipment

True Snow day- Snow and playground equipment

Planting the virtual flag, YHC was not knowing what kinds of #’s (if any) to expect this AM.  Pleasantly surprised to see one car in the parking lot, perhaps after having some morning “donuts” and the remainder of the pax came in by foot.  Eventually, we settled on 5 total, with Bug Eater needing a few more minutes and joining us on the warm up run

The Thang:

Warm up run around the fields, just trying to see what conditions were.  If I had to describe it, it was like running in the surf or the sand.  With each step, you sunk through the ice layer so running was a bit different today.

SHH…Snow angles x 80
IW x 20
Seal Jack drops- each member calls drop x 2 rounds
Fast feet/ high knee drops- each member calls drop x 2 rounds


Mosey to playground equipment

2 rounds total / 80 second’s 5 stations

Station 1– Parallel Bars

1) Hang and/ or traverse upside down add pull up

2) Merkin on top of bars (deep chest impact)

Station 2– Balance Beam

1) Diamond Incline Merkin

2) Diamond Derkin

Station 3- Angle Bar

1) Jump and touch bar

2) Alternate deep leg squat

Station 4- Monkey bars

1) Traverse (but really slippery) so more of a wide lateral hang

2) Pull ups- modified underhand on shorter pull up bar

Station 5– Fence

1) Wall sit

2) Peter Parkers (to slippery) turned into modified balls to fence


Mosey aroung Baseball field


3 rounds of Dips and decline merkins (civilian count)

1) 30 dips / 20 merkins

2) 25 dips / 15 merkins

3) 20 dips / 10 merkins


Mosey around the school


6 MOM (count is fuzzy)

LBC-80 (civilian count)

J-lo x 10

Flutter x 25

Russian twists x 25 (?)

Flutter x 25

Dolly (YHC did Rosalita) x 20


Light mumble chatter out there today, I think the playground equipment worked well, but I was not planning on an ice storm to make it good icy, but we made it work.  Overall a very nice morning, not too cold and it was a twist on running in the icy-snow mix.  I know there were plenty of local fartsackers this AM, no offense taken for missing this one.  If I was not Q’ing, I may have been one of them.

On a personal note, my dad would have been 80 today (lost him 5 years ago), hence most of the references to 80 this AM.  He was a workout guy until the very end, he always pushed me to workout and I know he would be proud of what we did today!  Much like others who have lost a parent, it was great that I could keep him on my mind during this workout.

Pleasure leading this group always!


Keep and eye on the website and twitter





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10 years ago

Strong lead on the tundra, Cheese Curd, and a good showing by all. Glad I rolled out of the fartsack, though it was tempting to just roll over.

High Tide
10 years ago

Good Q, Cheese Curd.

Nice variation with running, which felt like “high knees” throughout as we punched through the ice into the snow.

The “drops” during COP felt a lot like burpees…glad they weren’t!

Thanks to Strange Brew for pushing me off the fence and picking me up this morning for the workout. Glad I didn’t #smartsack. It was fun, as far as a workout can be.


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