Peter parker mission impossible burpee…say it’s not so!

Peter parker mission impossible burpee…say it’s not so!

All modes of transportation were used today. Several on foot, a couple clown cars and another solo pax with his 4 legged friend (more on that friend later). Either way, 17 Pax arrived for what was advertised as an arm and shoulder beat down. Hopefully YHC delivered.

Warm UP
1 lap 3/4 around school, while taking a small detour around the playground and baseball diamond for some foreshadowing.

The Thang
SSH x 25
Diamond Merken x 20
IW x 20
Wide Merken x 15

Mosey to the playground

Familiar territory
Count off by 4’s and do the following:
#1 / #2 / #3 / #4
1) Diamond Merken x20 / LBCx30 / Wide Arm pull ups x 10 / Baseball field 1 lap run
2) Wide Merken x20 / bicycle x30 / Normal grip (knuckles out) x10 / Baseball field 1 lap run
3) Merken x20 / Mason Twist x15per /NG (knuckles in) x10 / Baseball field 1 lap run

run to snack bar
1) Dips x20 / Decline Merken x20 / Jump-ups x20 / Baseball field 1 lap run
2) Dips x20 / Incline Merken x20 / Sitting Squats x20 / Baseball field 1 lap run

Mosey to mini-track

3 elements to a Peter Parker Mission Impossible Burpee
Round 1
Position 1- inch worms x15
Position 2- Peter Parker Mission impossible x15
Position 3- Jump squats x 15
put them together and you have…
Position 4- Peter parker mission impossible burpee x 10 or after much thought, pehaps a spider man burpee…maybe?

Round 2
Same group of exercises, just 5 less of everything

Mosey to parking lot

5 Min of Mary
Protractor hip raise?? (10 degrees then 45 degrees then full hip raiser, back to 45, 10) repeat
Finish w/protractor- stuck on 10 and 45 degrees

– Thanks for Bugeater reaching out to have me Q. I understand he was under the weather (fancy for fartsack, wasn’t he sighted at HDHH) and Champagne is out on IR (get well)
– Regarding the 4 legged friend. NEVER ASK TO PET PHILMONTS DOG. Say Hi from behind the glass, anything but letting that dog out of the car. Apparently (according to dogs owner) this dog gives lots of hugs! Oh never mind the humping thing, he’s just happy…..all the time!
– Sorry for some of the lack of instructions today. You can plan a workout but not plan on the struggle getting the proper words out when your 02 deprived
– SC you get half credit for the run in, as I believe I saw you get a ride home
– Pudding pop told me that he’d rather do burpees then those “things” again. Glad I could make you want to do a burpee!
– I love grabbing an idea from one workout and punishing more with it. Thanks to an unnamed sole at DMZ, I love the 3 stages to a burpee. Also, Purple Haze, although I questioned your Peter parker mission impossible yesterday, I oddly liked it…with a twist

Christmas party- Tell Baracus what you’re bringing…there can only be one deviled-egg appetizer.
Turkey Day convergence at the Rock 0700 start Hops and Crabcake on Q
methods occurred this am when eventually 17 arrived men came either by foot, clown car, car with humping dog inside (leave him there)

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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Cheese Curd, I cannot claim full credit for the MI Peter Parker…picked it up on visit to Big Hair Monday in the Metro. Those guys are so cutting edge! Brought it South and I must say that I like it too. Glad you were able to use it and the burpee twist you put on it takes it to another level.

10 years ago

The dog’s name is Ace. Maybe Philmont will let him out for a workout sometime – just so that he can sing Who Let the Dog Out. You know how the pax love Philmonts singing.

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