Is the Q being sneaky?

  • When:10/29/14
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Bug Eater, Alf, Gummy, Semi Gloss, Crawl Space, Pin Stripes, Sussidio, Stage Coach, Back Office, Coal Miners Daughter, Bush, Schnitzel, Donkey Kong, Sanka, Header, Cheese Curd

Is the Q being sneaky?

16 men posted to get their weekly fix of Death Valley.  Some members earlier than others, choosing to do the KB’s @0500.  However, 0530 was called and off we went.



Quick warm up run around the parking lot to grab the one or two of the pax, around the street light (thanks gummy) and to the football field we went. But first we stopped at YHC’s ride and we each picked up a 10lb plate from a old weight machine (thanks Salt Lick). After some butt kickers, high knees we circled up at the 50


On the field (chest to the plate-no short arms today)

15 diamond merkens

20x SSH

15 wide arm merkens


15 merkens

20  bunny hop/ ski jumps over the plate

15 burpees

One arm circles with plate x10 each

Grab your weight over head and move back to the parking lot


Why did I want the plates- Hair Burners


Partner up- hair burner and 5 burpee chaser around the 2 parking lot islands


5 min of marry with weight plate-cadence count

LBC x20

Dolly- lost count as someone lost their ass

Mason or Russian Twist x20

Work our way to the flag pole in between the island


Around the flag pole

Plank and move left until YHC says stop

On your feet and various speed curb toe taps 45 sec

Back to plank, move right until back to beginning position

Calf raises- 45 sec

Grab weight above head and run back to field


Football field run sideline to sideline (each exercise x2 with plate)

Partner 1 run / Partner 2 exercise

Round 1-Lateral raise

Round 2- Squats

Round 3- Shoulder roll

Round 4- Front raise

Round 5- Chest

Plate to the sky and run to concession stand


1 min wall sit with weight on lap


And done


Naked Moleskin

– Thanks Salt Lick for the freebie weights, hope you all enjoyed them today.  Not the heaviest things around, but we could have done 200 Dive Bomb Merkens (last lead at DV).

– I really had plans for more hair burners, but I think my legs were tired from Spartan, so only one lap today

– According to Alf, it’s ALWAYS a race.  Be warned if he’s on your 6…dude means business

– Not sure who fired that Ass missile (?Bug?), but the collateral damage was mind blowing…BOOM!

– Stage Coach, I have NO idea about the shoes in that bag.  My neighbor gave me a full plastic kitchen bag of shoes and it was in my possession for less than 10hrs

– Any one still reading this to figure out if I was being sneaky this AM….possibly.  I had plans to drop the weights as a surprise, but audibled and decided it would be more fun to carry an extra 10lb around.  I did however go off property to review my winkie before the workout.  I didn’t want to get sucked into a pre KB prior to Q’ing

-I really don’t Q enough, but as always, fun to lead this group of men.

– Thanks Sussido for the closing prayer again this week- what, no mention of anyone’s husband…



– Shoe drive still on ( Bug really wants them at Hydra tomorrow)

– Threshold today…Bojangles




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9 years ago

What me? Semi-gloss is your gas man. You know, that guy who loves to go shirtless at workouts and eats pork rinds while driving in the mountains.

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