The Perfect Holiday Substitute for Bratwurst…….a Big Tuna?

The Perfect Holiday Substitute for Bratwurst…….a Big Tuna?

Apparently for Saturday’s Homecoming at WMS, it was a Rare-Serving of Big Tuna. Here’s what was on the menu:

After a 6:30AM-sharp launch, we headed to the front of the school for a quick warm-up and brief Bro-ga stretch. We then jumped immediately into a Demascus Crowd Pleaser – Burpee Ladder / Bear-Crawl under the school canopy. (Everyone was warmed up by then.)

Partner Up (Clydesdales partner with Gazzelles) for a called exercise while the partner 2 runs the middle school loop. (Dips, Jump-Squats & Lunges) Mosey around school towards cafeteria. Same Partners, for a team total of Step-Ups x 100, Dips x 200 & LBCs x 300, while alternating running the outer-ring.

Mosey towards the Bus Parking Lot for some Partner Push-Pulls (Thanks for the reminder Deadwood!) Partner 1 Pushes midway then pulls second-half. Partner 2 Repeato. Last time Pulls-Only and midway Partners rotate. Mosey towards the WES playground for the Posse-Inspired Swerkins x 20 (a merkin with feet in a swing) Pull-Ups x  20, Dips x 20 with a 50-yard run between each exercise.

Next we find a rock-pile and the instructions were to get a lifting rock. (Definitions vary!) The PAX were asked to call the exercise. Once done, we needed to mosey to the front of WES, but not without a little backwards run across the parking lot. We finished the Burpee ladder / Bear-Crawl under the canopy. Mosey back to the front of WMS to the base of the driveway. Run up the hill of the driveway and back down the otherside and wait on the six. Once everyone made it, the final instructions from the Q was a AYG Jail Break back to the COT. Deadwood finished us with ab-merry.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve these fine men today. I haven’t seen Dasher more exhausted then after those Partner Push/Pulls (he was the unlucky one who partnered with the Q). Gerber, once again, crushed that hill like it was flat. Demascus & Legal Zoom saved they’re energy for the Down Hill. I appreciate Posse asking me to Q and showing up with his support!

Special prayer requests go out to Dasher and his family as well as Nails and his family. Happy Holidays!

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