His Mother was a Mudder.

His Mother was a Mudder.

It was a a brisk (35-degrees) launch at 5:30am and Meat Smoker showed up in shorts & a T-shirt. (Pittsburg Strong!) Chippy worked out with no gloves. (Weddington Strong!)

The Thang – 

We took off for a quick warm-up run and exercises; SSH x25, Mountain Climbers x20, Merkins x10, Imperial Walkers x15 & Jimmy Dugans x15. We also worked in some crowd pleasers; Calf & hamstring/hip stretches. With muscles-warm and hands-cold we headed for the schools access road.

  • Run to 1 of 4 street lights and return to start line. At each light do alternating Squats x 20 & Bobby Hurley’s x 20 and back at the start Burpees x 5. (Plank at 4th light, wait on the six.)
  • From 4th light, lunge walk to [approximately] to the 5th light and then backwards run to 6th light. (Plank and wait on six)
  • Bear crawl to the 7th light. (Plank and wait on six) As a breather; Moroccan Night Clubs x 60
  • Backwards run back to the 4th Light, then [regular] run back to the start for Burpees x 5.

A quick mosey to the back parking lot for some modified Hill-work of 11’s. Merkins @ the bottom and Monkey Humpers @ the top. (Plank and wait on six)

Chipotle lead us in some quick Abs ; Crunch x15, LBC x15, Side Crunch-Right x15, Side Crunch-left x15, Pistol Crunch-Right x15, Pistol Crunch-left x15 & Thu’ Chippy Cross x15 (Finish in Plank)

Finished with an AYG back to COT!

Moleskin –

I appreciate Das Boot allowing me to make up my missed Q from December. This is a Great AO and he’s a solid Leader! Apologies to the PAX for the Q’s misread on the Hill-Work. It’s not rained since the weekend and the Q assumed the hill was dry. (I think McGee plugged in the Mud up to his shins.) We modified to the parking lot, but the muddy-damage was done. (My Bad!) Always great seeing Long Haul out in front grinding it out with Fiji & McGee. Smuggler and Noonan did a good job pushing the Q to stay on pace. Big thanks to Chipotle for his rapid Abs workout.

Announcements: New Bootcamp Workout begins on Friday’s (Tomorrow, Jan 8th) called “LAST CALL”. It’s at Marvin Ridge High School with a 6:00AM Launch. Goodfella is on Q. (Check your local listings for further details.)

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