On the 12th Day of January…..

On the 12th Day of January…..

Big Tuna gave the 12-Brave Souls at The Maul a Hill-acious Birthday Workout that should have everyone reaching for the advil the day after. Here’s what happened:

Introduction, Disclaimer & to share the Bad News……It’s the Q’s Birthday [51], so immediately 5-Burpees!

Mosey from the Launch to the side lot next to the theatre for SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkins x 15, Carolina Dry Docks x 15 and Stretching.

Tempting the Pax with a possible Murder-Horn workout, we took a hard left on Elm and circled back to the Speed-Bumps for a simple Mike Tyson x 10 at each one. (Total 60)

In the back corner-lot we circled up for a round of Lt. Dan’s beginning with 12, then in declining order, 11, 10, 9…. all the way around the circle until we go to 1. (1 Lt. Dan = A Backwards Lunge of each leg plus a Squat)

Next was up the Hill with Merkins x 10 at the top, Repeato x 3.

Long Mosey to the Fountain for some partner work;

200 Calf-Raises & 100 Dips – One partner runs while other does exercise

150 Step-Ups & 100 Dips – Repeato

Head for the Tall Hill behind Firebirds for a once-up & 10-Squats

Mosey a few yards to do some Ab-Work – Heels to Heaven x 10, LBC x 10, Chippy-Cross x 10

Get in Plank Position for Jail-Break back to COT

Final Exercise……1-Burpee!


The Q was excited to Lead on his 51st Birthday, but he didn’t follow tradition. We started with 5-Burpees and ended with 1-Burpee. The Q isn’t quite over the 50 he logged in last year. I also parted with my usual Murder-Horn workout since Goonie called me out. (Goonie, this was the 3rd Q I’ve stayed off the MH, so I think I’m ready to go back.) The Mike Tyson’s were no fun, but the Lt. Dan’s really did a number on preparing the legs for Hills. All credit for the Lt. Dan’s goes to Mad Dog (Waxhaw), they are quite terrible. A lot of familiar faces, but all good to see. Omnicron is still beasting it and good to see Cold Cuts back. I partnered with ABBA, who I’d only worked out the day before with in Weddington. (He’s punching that ticket on the Passport Challenge.) Anyway, great partnering with ABBA and getting to know him.

There were some announcements that are posted on slack or you can just ask Patent Pending, like I usually do. (Thanks PP!)

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