Dern Tuna…..Times 50!

Dern Tuna…..Times 50!

It’s Big Tuna Season and today’s conditions were ideal; Cold, Dark & Wet!! Only Five braved the foul-weather conditions to help graduate this QIC to RESPECT-status.

So here’s what happened;

A quick disclaimer and immediately go into Burpees x5. (The Burpees were sprinkled throughout the the work-out to end with a total of 50.) Followed by a quick-mosey around the parking lot.


  • Side Straddle Hop                                       x50
  • Burpees                                                         x5

Head for the one dry sheltered area for a round of exercises with a lap around the parking lot in between each exercise:

  • Merkins                                                        x50
  • Jump Squats                                               x50
  • Mountain Climbers                                   x50
  • Carolina Dry Docks                                   x50
  • Chippy Cross                                              x50
      • Burpees                                   x10
  • Mike Tysons                                               x50
  • Lunges                                                         x50
  • Carolina Dry Docks                                   x50
  • Heels to Heaven                                         x50
      • Burpees                                   x20
  • Lil’-Baby Crunch                                        x50
  • Side Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)          x50
  • Pistol Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)       x50
  • Pretzel Crunch (Right & Left 25/25)     x50
      • Burpees                                   x10

Final lap around the parking lot, first-half mosey and the second-half AYG!!!!!

Ye Moleskin:

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to lead these men today and they were all GOOD-SPORT’S to hang in there as the Q attempted to prove [to himself] that 50 is no different than yesterday. T-Claps to Long Haul and Tanyatine for setting the pace, also to Das Boot & Deep Dish for hanging with the Q and to Noonan for being spot-on with the weather forecast. (He said it would stop raining at 6am).

Special Prayer Request for Deep Dish’s friend Bill and his family.

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