A Chipotle AB-Normal Workout

A Chipotle AB-Normal Workout

There were twenty-one brave souls that showed up for a Chipotle Workout today. Here’s what went down!

Quick mosey over to the other side of the school for a quick warm-up of stretches; calf’s, hamstrings, back & hips with Up-Dog / Down-Dog. With the warm-up complete, we moved into the workout.

  • 100-Reps of “Called AB-Exercise”,
  • Then 1-Lap around Parking Lot,
  • Followed by 25-Merkins,
  • Then 1-Lap around Parking Lot,


Called AB Exercises (x 100):

  1. Regular Crunch
  2. Little Baby-Crunch (LBC)
  3. Pistol Crunch (Alternating Legs)
  4. Side Crunch-Left
  5. Side Crunch-Right
  6. Freddy Mercury (Bicycle)
  7. Pretzel Crunch-Left
  8. Pretzel Crunch-Right
  9. Toe-Tap Crunch
  10. Chippy-Cross

Mosey / AYG back to the COT.


Chipotle dished out the AB-pain today, as expected. Thanks to One-Star for supplying the speaker……he probably needs to refresh his playlist. (GNR-Bueno followed by Billy Joel – No Bueno!) Its a good thing this workout is outside, because this AB-workout seemed to be producing a higher-than-normal amount of Methane from the PAX. (Maloliente!) Great Leadership today. Remember when you go to tie your shoes tomorrow and those Ab’s are screaming, that was Chippy’s workout.

Your Scribe – Big Tuna!

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