Black & Blue

Black & Blue

20-PAX showed up at 5:30AM in 40-degree rainy weather with a forecast for Pain. Some of the PAX may have stayed up to watch the Browns – Steelers Brawl, but knowing what was in store, this Q had to get his rest.

The Thang

Not trusting the weather, we made our way to the parking deck for a little warm-up exercises on the first level of the deck.

SSH x 20 – Jimmy Doogan’s – Walk it out to a Plank – Calf Stretches – Bring Right Foot to Right Hand Stretch – Merkins x 20 – Imperial Walkers x 20.

Mosey to the second level and circle up. Q has a board with 10-exercises and asks ALF to choose a number between 14 and 16, not following instructions, ALF chooses 16. (That’ll teach this Q to call on ALF again.) So 16 is our number of reps.

The odd numbered exercises were in BLACK ink and the even number in BLUE ink. After each Black exercise, it was followed by a single lap around the deck and after each Blue exercise, it was two laps.

Merkins, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Chippy-Cross, Mike Tyson’s, Lunges (each leg), American Hammer, Heels to Heaven and Burpees.

With 5-mins to go, it was a Backwards Sprint up the incline and back to the launch for the COT.


Jobe & Ice 9 did a great job working through the Board of Pain. I appreciated Otennenbaum on setting the pace for the laps. Thanks to Chipotle for demonstrating the perfect form on the Chippy-Cross. It was also great to see Goonie back out in the gloom. A special thanks to Snow Flake for naming this backblast after describing the board’s color contrast of Black & Blue as a subliminal message of pain.

It was a pleasure leading these men today.

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