Merkins and Crunches

Merkins and Crunches

Twelve brave souls showed up on a crisp Monday morning for a 5:15am launch. Here’s what happened.

The Thang:

Mosey towards the pet store for a little warm up to include;

SSH x 25, Low Slow Squat x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Mountain Climber x 25, Calf-Stretch, Hamstring-Stretch, Down-Dog & into an Up-Dog (Hold, 10-Count Akbar)

Mosey to Parking lot lines; 10-Merkins at each line and Bear Crawl in between. (Approximately 8-lines).

Mosey towards the neighborhood, turn right and go all the way to the cul de sac. Using the adjacent cul de sac around the corner that forms a ‘U-shape’ we have 4-pain stations; 1) Toe-Tap Crunches 2) Pistol Crunch-Right 3) Pistol Crunch-Left 4) LBC……begin with 50-Reps each and Repeato 3x, each time declining the number of Reps by 10.

Mosey back towards the Launch, stop in Target Lot for some wind-sprints. Mosey back to Launch with 30-seconds to go, 10-Burpees OYO.



The Merkin / Bear Crawls turned out to be a Pax-Pleaser right out of the gate. There was little mumble-chatter after that. It was good to see Demascus back out. Thanks to Akbar for taking us out. I appreciate Swimmers allowing me to lead the PAX.


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