No running? My a**!

No running? My a**!

Apparently I am known for covering a lot of miles during my Q’ing… I wonder what the Swarm guys would think about that from two weeks ago! Haha! Well: let’s change that perception! At least that was my goal which I openly told Premature. Although the MRH campus is absolutely amazing and you can cover quite some ground, I decided to stay on the parking lot(s) today. Thankfully they are quite big as well, so we could get a few “yards of running” in as well. Just because we are not Prickle and Goo! 😉


After giving the usual DiCCS, mosey a big “S” on the parking lot to arrive a the North East lot . Circle up and: 15x SSH, 15x Moroccan Nightclubs, 15x Imperial Walker,15x Potato Picker, 16x Mountain Climbers, calf stretch, runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog,… Done!

The Thang

Mosey back to COT and circle around to the North-Western lot. Indulging in the good old Star Fish with 3x Burpees in the middle, 20x Freddy Mercury (2-1), 20x Side SSH, 10x Heals to Heaven, 10x Mike Tyson at the corners. Repeato! Some American Hammers as a Merry until everyone finished the second round.

Mosey around the North-Eastern lot, coming back to the middle and do “7’s” at the South-Western lot. Start with 1x V-up at the top then do 6x Big Boys at the bottom. Everybody was pushing good and we finished all together at the bottom.

Mosey through COT, around the South-Easter lot to the middle lane and arriving at the curbs of the North-Easter lot. Run to the first Parking lot line, do 2x Merkins, come back to the curb, do 5x jump squats, run to the next parking lot line and do 4x Merkins. And so on up to the other curb with 8x Merkins. Repeato the same, but change the exercises to 4x (6-8-10) 6″ Plank Jacks and 4x Sister Mary Catherine’s (2-1).

Indian Run around the North-West lot down to the center of all 4 lots. Plan was to have 1 line only, but I guess a few were injured and decided to start their own line… In the directions to COT: run 2 trees forward, do 5x Merkins, run backwards 1 tree back, do 5 big Boys,… until time is up. Back to COT (this time for real!).


I think this was a more traditional Bootcamp workout where everybody can stay together and there is not too much running involved. Nevertheless, we still got almost 3 miles in! On a parking lot!

All in all a pretty un-eventful workout – but hey, we had great weather!


  • Blood Drive this Saturday! Get out there and give blood!
  • WTF 4/30 (?) – all info is in GroupMe
  • Race for Autism AMRAP

Shop Dawg led us out – thank you!

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