Let there be Hairburners

Let there be Hairburners

520a and YHC sneaks around the backside of target. Sees strange car parked in the lot. Nevermind them, scoot down enough so they can’t see you unload something from the back of the land yacht.

525a roll into launch and see a couple of passport fellas looking for a new stamp.

530a disclaimer given and we are 10 strong and off.

20 SSH In Cadence
20 IW IC
20 Windmill IC

Find some parking lines
Lunge walk to next line
20 Merkins

High Knees to next line
Butt Kickers to next line

Bear crawl to next line
Crawl Bear to the next line

That got us across the parking lot in front of GNC.

Mosey to the Rock pile at the Church. Grab a lifting rock and make your way to the lot on the right.
Line up.

20 Curls and Run to island
20 Presses and Run to island
20 Tricep Curls and Run to island
20 Bent over rows and Run to island

20 half curls
20 top curls
20 full curls
Run all the way to the end

20 LBCs while we wait.
Take the rocks back and mosey beside target

20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 CDD (stay away from Frehleys. You should always stay away from Frehleys)
20 CDD

Mosey to the drop off point from 520 to find a couple of plates.
2 on hairburners (timer)
4 on the wall with sets of 20 air presses
4 on the up and down the hill

rotate out from hairburners to the wall. 2 from wall to hill, 2 from hill to hairburners
repeat until we all got two sets of hairburners. #crowdpleaser

Dolly, ChippyCross

Run b/n speed bumps and alternate 20 squats, 20 squat jumps
hold plank at 6 inches.

Find some wall for Balls to the Wall with 5 inverted merkins. Repeat.

Mosey back to launch for 1min at six inches.

Shout out to @landslide and @stag for grabbing another stamp. Way to push through the hairburners!
Wild Turkey – killing it up the hill with me today. pushing each other for one-more-run.
Frehleys – leading rock sets. no rock is a replacement for a bell. made it look easy
Teddy – hard push through the hairburners.
Rousey – always giving 110%. You were IC with your count on the dolly thru 10. then.. not so much. 🙂
Right Turn said, “should have gone to Devil’s Turn”. You kicked ass anyways.
Cable Guy – no stopping him. all out warrior. shorts and all.
Circuit City – always smiling, encouraging. equally pushing hard thru the burners.

Great work by all today. Good group. Everyone came to work. You got it.
Thanks to turkey for the take out.

SOBeer Run. Feb 26h. More details coming soon. Expect a early afternoon launch. Start/Finish at Bradshaws. 4/8 mile options.
Run a bit. Drink some beer. Run some more. Repeat.

This is the home version of the brewery run. You don’t want to miss this!

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