Is anyone even trying?

Is anyone even trying?


Mosey about a mile to Lawson Mill and stretch OYO

The Thang

Mosey through trail to Pearmain and Congaree. Run down the loop and around up the hill back to other Congaree intersection. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey down Congaree to end and make left to culdesac at Oxford Mill poop island. Run up that hill to first street on the right – not left. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey around to bottom of Deer Meadows and as you loop the circle run up hill to first street. R&R 2 more times.

Mosey up Ringtail to Southern Trace stop at Lawson Dr. Run to other side of Lawson drive picking up Pax who cut through.

Mosey back to COT


Lot of people upset we did hills because apparently Gerber did some silly 13s workout at Ignition yesterday…sounds awful

We can thank Popeye for the extra hill. Thought he was trying to challenge us but he just wanted to go home.

Dasher showed up late and apparently doesn’t like leaving Cutty. I think he was still mad at Lawson from Ignition.

Lou with the words of encouragement “Are you even trying” while I try not to puke, thank you

Not too much from the Hen house today as Chicken was relatively quiet

Ghosted, Chatterbox, and Deflated turned on one speed and just kept cruising along

Nice job all!


Prayers for Premature friend Tim as he deals with loss of his son

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