Real Men Lift Stuff

Real Men Lift Stuff

DICCS Given- normal stuff


Warm Up-


15 Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dungan stretch into plank

While in Plank ask the PAX what are the 5 CORE principles of F3

Free to All

Open To Men

Outdoors- rain/shine/hot/cold

Led by men in rotating Fashion

End with COT


The Thang

Explain the Workout– 7 stations 1:20 seconds each with a 15 second break to move to next station ( but while moving complete 1-2 blockees)– 3 full rounds  ugh!!

station 1-  Curls

station 2- Sit Ups then push your coupon to the sky

Station 3- Hit the tire with sledge hammer

Station 4- Squat Thrusters

Station  5- Military Press with coupon

Station 6- Merkins on your block

Station 7- Flutters with coupon over your head


When finished explain the next stupid exercise

4 Murder Bunnies/1 Blockee– Get to 20 murder bunnies and 5 Blockees– DONE SON!!!



I am really starting to dig Diesel although I miss the running the different exercises you can do and push yourself is really intriguing to me and challenging. So for all you peeps like Schneider and Ricky Bobby who are scared of Diesel due to the lack of running, I would say come get you some and get out of your comfort zone.

Today was a tough one I must say and the Blockees between stations was ridiculous and someone like Chastain, Centerfold, Premature, Jwow, and or 0-69 should have Q jacked me to stop that madness ( ya’ll are suppose to be leaders in F3) LOL !!. Not only did they fail the Pax by allowing that to happen they even let the Murder Bunnies show up and go unchallenged  at the END OF A WORKOUT!! GEEZ GUYS.. Step up and say something guys.. hahah

Heck of a job by all today and appreciate the opportunity as usual to led this group of men.



Folding/ Giveaway party tomorrow at Christ Closet- there is some confusion but just show up. 9AM-NOON

Welcome FNG- Martin Head – 38 years old- aka Yellen– for Janet Yellen since he is in the treasury  dept. at Truist bank. Jwow and him hit it off right away talking about work since they are with the same company– pretty cool. He is from New York, Cleveland, Buffalo, and lived in Concord for awhile before relocating to BRIARCREST…..WHOOHOOO.

6TH Man- Baklava- got his name since he is from Greece- Lives in BRIARCREST works for United Airlines as a mechanic and been in BRIARCREST 7 years and was brought out by Chicken Little and 0-69 who are also from BRIARCREST

Everyone please pray for Premature and keep him in your prayers- MRI is today that he has been waiting for months to get scheduled. PRAYING BROTHER..

All sites closed Monday except ASYLUM…. 5:15AM Monday 05/17/2021 afterwards mental health awareness speaker– PREMATURE THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR STORY WITH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS coming up….



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