Ballantyne Beach Party

Ballantyne Beach Party

Full house and miler temperatures greeted YHC for a substi-Q at Bagpipe. We’ve got some new faces and an out of towner, too. Keep coming back Mountie, Odd Job and Yard Tool!

Circle of Pain
20 Side-straddle hops
20 Imperial Walker
20 Steve Earls
10 Mountain Climbers
and then a truck tried to run us over…

To the Loch Ness Beach!!
Beach Party 1 – Upper body
25 (IC) Shoulder taps
20 (IC) Maktar N’Diaye
15 (IC) Dips
10 (IC) Incline ‘mericans
5 (IC) Decline ‘mericans
After every set, we hopped the wall and ran to the beach (pond shoreline)

Long way around the circle to second outside seating area
Beach Party 2 – Lower Body
25 (IC) Squats
20 (IC) Sister Mary Catherines
15 (IC) Step Ups
10 (IC) Wall climb overs
5 (IC) Burpee Wall Jumps
After every set, run to the beach

Bear crawl – ‘Merican – Broad jumps Circuits x 2

DuckWorth’s Wall Party – Core
25 (IC) LBC
20 (IC) Freddy Mercury
15 (IC) Flutter
10 (IC) Dolly
After every set run to the 2nd Island and then climb over the Duckworth Wall

Back at the AO for Heels to Heaven and Plank

Field Notes
Things I try to do when I Q:
1. Keep it simple. Try to think of two or three major activities to accomplish.
2. Work the whole body – upper, lower and core
3. Use the environment – use the walls, hills, grass, curbs to make the workout interesting.
4. In addition to the popular exercises, throw in a few new movements to make sure everyone is paying attention
5. Stay together – COUNT IT OUT. It’s the best way to stay together and keep everyone accountable.
6. LEAD LOUD – Speak up and be clear about what we are doing. Be encouraging, but not obnoxious
7. Be reasonable – Don’t call anything you can’t do and don’t expect everyone to get every rep. It’s ok to modify as pax.
8. Keep boot camps under 3 miles.
9. No standing around.
10. Have fun. If you didn’t laugh when Rousey sang Neil Diamond’s Coming to America on the wall climb, check your pulse.


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