Potty Break at homecoming

Potty Break at homecoming


Warm up

Mosey up hill and down to parking lot in front of school- circle up

15- Imperial Walkers

15- Hill Billies

Jimmy Dugan- into a plank

right arm and right leg high 10 seconds- flap jack into a calf stretch ( your welcome Damascus)

The Thang

Mosey 1/2 way uphill to cross walk and get ready for some 7’s

1 burpee in cross walk and run up to stop sign for 6 bomb jacks- back down to cross walk for 2 burpees and back up for 5 bomb jacks ect…..

Mosey down hill to lot in front of school

partner up

one partner runs around island one way while other partner runs another way and when you met do the following

1st time 10- hand slap merkins /1 burpees

2nd time 10- Bonnie Blairs /2 burpees

rinse repeat but add a burpee each round.

Elmer’s took a detour to the porta potty — LETS Follow him- No man left behind

while Elmers is taking care of business we did 1/2 of a Webb

1 Mike Tyson/ 4 AB exercise- either big boy, LBC or pistol LBC  depending on what the chicken calls out

Elmers is back lets mosey to rock pile around school

30 curls – rifle carry up four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

10 squat thrusters- rifle carry four parking spaces and sprint back to start and back to your rock

Continue this across lot- Turn around and do the same but change to

20 bent over rows

10 triceps extensions

Mosey to stop sign to complete the other half of the Webb starting at 6 Mike Tysons and 24 Ab exercise.

Mosey back to start..


Great group today for a Saturday and all Pax members gave it their all. I must admit even though the temperature was a cool 72 degrees this morning the humidity was a little tough this morning.


Christ Closet needs help today and pretty much always

Crane relay- August 13th- ugh ugh ugh   sounds like WTF event ( NOT NO BUT HELL NO)  just kidding it sounds like a great event… NOT!!!

Blood supply is low especially O positive so give when you can and as often as you can




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