The Floater is a basketball shot, right??

The Floater is a basketball shot, right??

It’s not every day that you get to post or even Q at an AO named after feces. So when Zin invited me down South, how could I resist?

The Thang

  • With DICCS given and toilet humor in mind, we moseyed towards the Waxhaw Park circles, completing 10 merkins at every stop sign
  • Warmup: 15 ssh, 15 imperial walkers, 15 squats, 15 merkins, 15 mtn climbers
  • Upper Body Circuit: Partner 1 runs circle while Partner 2 does called exercise. Declined merkins, dips and inclined merkins
  • Mosey to South Providence school basketball court. 10 merkins at every stop sign and 5 bobby hurley’s at every other mailbox
  • Killer B’s on the basketball court: Burpees on base line (10, 5, 5, 10) broad jump to free throw, half-court, free throw and full-court, bear crawling back each time. This sucked
  • Mosey around school track, stopping for 25 monkey humpers and 30 plankjacks
  • Mosey back to Waxhaw park, merkins at each stop sign and bobby hurley’s at every other mailbox
  • Leg Circuit: Partner 1 runs circle while partner 2 does called exercise. Bonnie Blairs, Squats and Smurf Jacks

Index Card Weinke

It’s not about the size of the weinke, but how well you can use it. I’m about 40ish Q’s into my F3 journey and wanted to share my method for building simple, but effective beatdowns. This has been tremendously helpful for me to ensure I have the right amount of pain for the duration of a 45-minute workout and don’t leave anything on the table. When folded, it’s small enough to fit in a running shorts pocket and keep out of sight of those nosey pax trying to steal it away! Most of the time I don’t end up pulling it out mid-workout, but still helpful to have when I need to call an audible.

Step 1: Fold the index card into thirds. Front is for the bulk of the workout that I split into thirds. Back is for disclaimer, warmup exercises and any special instructions

Step 2: Use the front side to break up workout into thirds. I try to identify 1 circuit to burn out the upper body, 1 circuit to burn out the lower body and 1 circuit to burn out the lungs

Step 3: Allocate time for each third, keeping in mind exercises will take longer and adjust for time to mosey

Here are pictures for this morning’s card:


  • Thank the Lord for cooler temperatures this morning as I’m not sure I could have done this in the heat
  • Hoping the PAX enjoyed a trip further South and off the beaten path
  • The burpee train avoided us this morning by a solid 15 minutes. Sounds awful
  • Had some trouble counting mailboxes and listening to directions during the Killer B’s on the basketball court. But the pax made up for it with their solid effort
  • T claps to the pack of prerunners logging in the miles and coming back winded for launch
  • Always a privilege and honor to lead the fine men of Waxhaw

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