Balls to the…

Balls to the…

DiCCS attempted
Short mosey
Warmups including the usual plus some new ones from the Lexicon:
Jingle Balls
Goof Balls
Indian Run ball juggler with 4 balls to
Balls to the Wall: ascending testicles 5 ea (x4) sets
run to
Ascending rep Bulgarian Ball Busters 5,10,15,20
Indian Run ball juggler with 4 balls
Ball Stations
Over under ball pass 10 lb
Big Boi Ball pass 15 lb
Flutter ball press/ toss 25 lb x 10 then switch
Shuffle ball pass 10 lb
Bobby Hurley
Speed scaters
Indian Run ball juggler with 4 balls
Circle Facing Out
American Hammer ball pass
Plank ball pass
Welcome FNG “tailpipe”
  • blood drive
  • Dad camp signup link drops today at 5, don’t miss out
So, I had some really good ideas for ways to incorporate balls into a work out. And then in my excitement I left my DiCCS unprepared and the pax pounced. Mumblechatter ensued and I learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes a simple weinke is better than a creative one. 😉
Leadership can be a lonely place filled with fear of uncertainty like “will this work out? Will the PAX actually break a sweat? Will Zin ever shut up?” The important thing is leaning into the discomfort and following through with the vision, making adjustments as necessary.
Thank you all for the opportunity to lead and handle some sweaty balls together. To those that haven’t Q’d, don’t make my mistake and skip out on Q school. If you have the opportunity, definitely attend.

Your humble correspondent,


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