“Give It All You Got” – Chop Choo

“Give It All You Got” – Chop Choo

14 poor souls brave men came out to Waxhaw Express today to run for an hour.  A couple new pax saw a fat guy was Q’ing and decided to venture out.  Sugar, Dasher, and Gerber didn’t trust the Clydesdale would get them enough mileage so they got there early for a pre-run (though I think Sugar has a valid excuse).  5:14 – DiCCS.  5:15 – Lets go.



Mosey to the football parking lot.  Clydesdales have the option to cut through the parking lot for a shorter run.  Circle up for various stretches.

Mosey to the middle of the two round-a-bouts.



In teams of three for a relay race, there will be 1 partner on each end recovery running (or walking) the loop while the third partner sprints the straight away.   You must get at least one lap around the loop before you can run (I didn’t think that would be a problem but my team of Sugar and Inspector were fast).  Once all 3 partners have run the straight away 6 times, you meet back in the middle.  I asked who the winner was and got “It was a tie” from Glidah.  I guess he was expecting a penalty???  Any who…

Mosey back to the football parking lot for 4 straightaway’s (??? I’ve done this enough I guess I need to give it a name and it sounds less confusing than 4 corners without exercises).  Course set up in a square.  Slow mosey 1st straight away, 70% the 2nd straight away, all you got the third, and recover jog (or walk) the last one.  Wait until the 6 is in before we repeato.  After the third quarter I felt we needed to change directions to give our ankles a break.  Ended up going to double over time (6 times around).   Somewhere in here we lost Mad Dog to a previously scheduled flight to the god forsaken city known as Rochester, NY.

Short mosey to the bottom of the main HS entrance hill.  As a group we would run to the island where the middle school road intersects.  Once the first person reached it he would turn around and come back to start.  As he passed pax on the way back, those pax would turn and head back.  In theory if everyone was pushing, only one (maybe 2) people would reach the outward spot.  The hope was that it would give gazelles something to push for while still keeping the Clydesdales close.  Repeato except this time to the rock.   Repeato a third time except all the way to the main road.  This time the Gazelles decided to be be dicks and stayed at the main road forcing us Clydesdales to run all the way to the top.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know its for my own good….but when you are huffing and puffing for air, you just want to throw hot dogs at their face for making you run further.

Hotdog Sex GIF - Hotdog Sex Weiner GIFs

Short mosey to the road that connects the two schools where we did a 5k pace to the middle school stop sign.  On the way there I was told by Glidah that there were two strava segments along this route.  Hmm, ok…noted.

Once we all recovered at the stop sign, I informed the Gazelles I would give them a chance to break a Strava segment record as we would do the 400 back…All you got to the crack.   It was then that Dasher pointed out that if we were going for records, we should have opened with that, not waited until 50 minutes into the workout to attempt it.

Hmm Yes Yes GIF - Interesting Hmm Thinking GIFs

Hmmm, good point….ALL YOU GOT!

Apparently Swimmers was confused by which crack and stopped several times.  Inspector Gaget wasn’t quite sure what Strava was so I told him it was a secret cult inside of the F3 cult.  I think he believed me.

Once we caught our breaths we returned back to the middle school stop sign at a slow mosey pace.   I happened to be near Swimmers who was dubbed “The Tour Guide” by Bottle Cap as he was pointing out all the cracks along the way back.

One last all you got 400 around the middle school lot.   Gerber jumps into to correct start and finish location.

About 1:30 left and we are 50 yards from COT.  I allow pax that minute to themselves.  Whatever you want to do for a minute, do it.  Continue running, walk, or stretch.  I did ask that if they were going to be using a hand, to do it out of site of pax and cameras….

Lol Hmmm GIF - Lol Hmmm GIFs




  • Leading Express is checked off the list.  I now only have to Q Bushwood, Swarm, Lycan, Afternoon Delight, Off the Chain, Cow Belle (spelled wrong intentionally), and Last Call (Damn it quit adding AO’s!!!) to have Q’ed every Waxhaw site at least once.  There was a time where it was only Bushwood and then sites started getting added and my list grew.
  • Thanks to the non regulars that joined today.  Great push out of Ex Lax and Dough Boy.  I think it was Inspector Gadgets first Express visit as well.
  • Bottle Cap’s 2.0 Crouton was there getting in shape for track (I think).  At what point to we allow for a 2.0 rename – 18th birthday?  Crouton is trying to enjoy the flowing hair while he can as he had the original Justin Bieber hair style going.
  • Wolverine told me he was going to be hearing “All You Got!” in his sleep.
  • My kryptonite is long runs, but I do enjoy runs/sprints with some recovery built in.  I guess that’s why I have somewhat gravitated to Express recently.  They do a good job of keeping the pax somewhat together and allow for some recovery (its not 1 hour of straight running…usually).  Somehow we did over 5 miles today with lots of recovery time built in (though Ex-Lax may argue that last point).


  • Blood Drive – June 19th at Five Stones.  Sign up here: https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=f3
  • Wolverine is putting a trail race team together for Thursday’s White Water Center Festival.  See him if you are interested.

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