That Was Aggresive

That Was Aggresive

Days come, days go.  Birthday’s come, birthdays go.

YHC has always tried to Q on his birthday but this year it fell on Sunday so….

Luck would have it that Ignition was open the next day…

What could be done that is different?

Not necessarily better, or great, or fulfilling, but different.

The FOUR main areas of the Ignition playground are:

  1. All of Cutty (we own it bitches)

2. Champion Forest (were here long before you Fuse)

3. The beautiful side of Lawson

4. The dumpy side of Lawson (we will let the Lawsonites determine which is which)

So, could an Ignition workout complete the ENTIRE OUTER PERIMETER of ALL FOUR AREAS IN ONE DAY????


might have be said multiple times today

might also have been overheard today

We also did manly stuff as well like 42 Burpees, 70 Merkins, Lots of Big Boys, Gas Pumps, Heels To Heaven, Shoulder Taps, and Curls/Presses/Triceps/Squats with a rock

At one point towards the end of the workout while we were headed deeper into Lawson someone said:

There was only one response

So we persevered and we finished:

It was apparent how happy everyone was after we were done

Our Strava record will forever be enshrined with the greatness of today’s accomplishment:

Well done gents, thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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