Another Day at the Office

Another Day at the Office

Warm Up – Run Around Rea View School.  Circle Up. Jimmy Dugans, Runner Stretch, Calf Stretch, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang – Reid Farm Rd – Entrance to Rea Rd – Alternate every light from school to Rea Road, 10 Merkins, 10 Bobby Hurleys.  On the way back, Paula Abdul – alternate between 10 speed skaters, 10 lunges

Mosey to Playground.  Partner Up.  P1 runs around track.  P2 does exercise – 100 supines as a team.  Repeat but this time with 100 derkins.

Mosey to COT.  30 seconds of runner stretch.

Moleskin – Tight knit group today, good chatter.  7 for The Body Shop, 3 for Mash.  Body Shop got in 2.6+ miles plus exercises.

Announcements – Tuesday Watchtower moving to Weddington Middle School.  June 19th Blood Drive at Five Stones Church in Waxhaw.  Need volunteers for F3 Dad’s Camp at Camp Thunderbird – see Radar for details.  This activity has been loved by Dads and 2.0’s alike, guaranteed to be a memory everyone will cherish.

YHC took us out.

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