Channeling Your Inner Peter McNeelly

Channeling Your Inner Peter McNeelly

Nineteen Pax made the 5:30 AM tee time this morning at Bushwood. After a little over two months into my journey of becoming addicted to F3, it was time for my first Q. I spent about an hour last night strenuously deliberating about the workout for my first Q trying to channel my inner Goldilocks (looking for that “just right” workout for the crew). I knew I had dialed in at least a decent VQ when nineteen Peter McNeelys emerged during our opening Thang – expressing their fear of little old Mike Tyson. Nobody got knocked out by Mike Tyson(s) in this match though so no harm done.


While the Mashers got going on their workout, the rest of the Pax started with a shorter Mosey around the front of the site to the large parking lot for some warmup consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, Merkins, and Calf Stretches.


From there we Moseyed to Turkey Hunt Ct. for two laps of alternating exercises. The first lap we did exercises at every other mailbox, alternating between 10 Merkins and 10 Speedskaters. Your VQ misjudged the number of mailboxes so the first lap was far too easy. While Long Haul led some Mary while the Six came in, yours truly modified the slated plan for lap two to make it at least a little bit harder. For lap two down Turkey Hunt Ct. we did exercises at every mailbox, alternating between Mike Tysons and Big Boys. Immediately upon calling out the name of Mike Tyson, the Peter McNeellys emerged with complaints. Your VQ smiled with delight. Everyone crushed lap two so at the end Peter took down Iron Mike in this rematch. After that second lap we caught our breath then Moseyed back to campus back into the big parking lot. The Pax partnered up and grabbed one lifting rock per group of two. We then did a 15 minute AMRAP – one partner ran a lap around the big parking lot while the other did as many reps as possible of the set exercise for that lap until his partner returned and fetched the team’s baton (aka rock). The exercises with the rock were Curls, Overhead Tri Extensions, Lying Chest Presses, Squats, and American Hammers. We had a couple of minutes left after everyone had gotten through all of the exercises so we did another round of curls then dumped the rocks back in the pile. We Moseyed back to the CoT for three minutes of Mary before 6:15 arrived which consisted of Shoulder Taps and LBCs.

After Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama, our FNG shuffled his pink shoes to center stage to tell us a bit about himself. Our FNG was Ty Allison, a friend and neighbor of TanyaTine and Noonan In Canterfield. Not only did he crush his first F3 workout, in a prior life he crushed the spirits of ACC soccer opponents by leading the conference in yellow cards for four straight years. He was aptly given the name of Zidane – as in Zinedine Zidane – the former French World Cup star that knocked a grown man down on the pitch via a headbutt directly to the chest. Welcome Zidane!


  • Blood Dive 6/19
  • Appetizer at Rea View Elementary this afternoon where Das-Boot may or may not be on Q?
  • Looking for Q’s at Last Call and Bushwood

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