Titles are hard, man

Titles are hard, man

7 men gathered on a rainy start to the week at the covered section of McAlpine Elementary Invue Parking Lot to get Swole on a Monday.

Pax diligently showed up at 0530 to McAlipne Elementary but no one wanted to swing hard iron in the rain so Voodoo made the call to relocate to InVue (they have his phone number anyway when they call to complain about a bunch of middle-ish aged men standing around the parking lot before working hours).  Pax found shelter by the Comet Pizza Riccio’s Italian Restaurant and proceeded to follow YHC’s instructions.  That might have been their first mistake.

Site Q, Mighty Mite, was not present sporting some kind of shoulder injury.  Hopefully it’s nothing serious.  Which, as anyone who’s had a shoulder injury can attest, is more restrictive than hobbling around in a plastic boot.  Speaking of, being in a boot limits the exercises one can do (no squats, no lunges, bad merkin form, getting off the floor from doing anything Mary related requires a team of clydesdales) so YHC made the best of it and channeled some upcoming Functional Strength Challenge material into the weinke.

Here’s what went down:

25 two handed-swings


Sharon Towers 

25 two handed-swings

10 sets of 4 DBL Clean and Press

Single Side Jack Webb Snatch and Swing Pyramid: Stay on L side increasing reps, Switch to R side decreasing reps

1,04 then 2,08 then 3,12 then 4,16 then 5,20 start at the top and go back to 1,04


2/4/6/8/10 Double Deadlift, Double High Pulls

8/6/4/2 Single Side Lawnmower, Single Side Snatch


30 seconds OH hold

30 seconds racked hold

30 second suitcase hold 

30 seconds rest

Rinse and repeat on the other side


Technology fail.  YHC had spent some time the night before setting up the timer on the phone.  The timer was all FUBAR in the AM.  As for the playlist, YHC delivered a strong disclaimer that included something to the effect of anyone talking smack on Jimi Hendrix was going to get a kettlebell to the face.  That seemed to quiet everyone down.  No fists were thrown and no one was butt-hurt over their favorite band being called out as worse than the Foo Fighters.

There was plenty of reason to complain though.  This was a tough weinke. The Jack Webb was rough enough, the pyramid was rougher.  Not sure if YHC will ever be invited back to Q.  Who are we kidding, of course YHC will be back.

One other thing, Frehley’s Comet is full of hot air.  Voodoo might be vaccinated for Covid-19 but pretty sure whatever forcefully exited Frehley’s system on Monday killed the vaccine.

It might also be the cure for Covid.


  • Aforementioned Functional Strength Challenge
  • HDHH is back on 5/19 at Seaboard in Matthews

Thanks to Wild Turkey for the takeout

Until next time, SYITG

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2 years ago

Great backblast as always, Hoover. I think Frehley’s gassed me during one of the holds, which was really cruel.

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