No Coupons for Dromedary this week.

No Coupons for Dromedary this week.

The Waxhaw April 1 Q Challenge landed in my lap this morning as 11 Pax joined me for some fun. I asked for any requests before we began and at 5:30 DiCCS was given and we were off. 

We started with a Mosey around the lower lot to the stairs and warmed up with SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, stretching, and Imperial Walkers.  From there we proceeded for a little Paula Abdul to the globe with 10 Hand Release Merkins up and one Burpee on the way back. From the globe to the path on the other side of the middle school we alternated 10 Squats and 5 Mike Tysons at the lights on the left.   Wait I know it’s been a while but how could I forget about the walls, let’s do a little balls to the wall with 10 Shoulder Taps then 10 Donkey Kicks, then 8 and well that was stupid so we left for a Mosey to the picnic tables. Partnering up we completed 200 Dips, 100 Derkins, and 50 Step-Ups while the other ran to the right down the overhang and back. As we were proceeding with great time we Moseyed to the lower lot for 4 corners completed 20 reps of LBC, Flutters, V-Ups, Heels To Heaven with a Burpee in the middle. With five minutes to spare we ascended and descended around the right side of the lot. Starting at the first corner we completed 5 Shoulder Tap Merkins at the first corner, the Merkins and added Big Boys at the second. Third corner we added Moroccan Night Club, then lost one exercise at each corner till back at COT.  

It felt good to Q again, unless you have taken a leave and come back you don’t realize how much you miss F3 and the brothers in the gloom. Everyone reach out to those around keep pumping them up and stay vocal. Noonan was particularly fond of the Hand Release Merkins starting out today after yesterdays Ab and Merkin fest. Everyone pushed hard today and stayed together with minimal Mary, well done Pax.

VQ alert for this Friday at Last Call at promptly 5:32am Orchid will pop his cherry, this will be the first VQ for the site. Christ Closet Thursday night after Clyent Dinner head over and load the trucks for the trip east to Pender County for the weekends giveaway. On January 1, 8 total guys (Smugler, Orchid, One Star, The Juice) started a weight loss challenge and they lost a combined 100+ pounds with Orchid dropping 23. From the sounds of things they have 4 future Pax to bring out, well done guys. Please keep Honeycombs son soon to be named Chums who will have hand surgery after a fight with a hedge trimmer in your prayers. One Star took us out.

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