The Rock… T-minus 19 Days…

  • When:08/18/12
  • QIC: Countertop and Ochocinco
  • The PAX: Joker, Slap Shot, The Tickler, Three Putt, O’Tanenbaum, Donkey Kong, Far Side, Thin Crust, Deep Dish, Smash, Special K, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Floor Slapper, Mall Cop, Run Stopper, Ninja Turtle, Pretty Boy Quaterback, Tiger Rag, John Chepul [FNG], Kevin David [FNG], Lyell Petersen [FNG]… and three others

The Rock… T-minus 19 Days…

26 men gathered in the gloom for a Saturday morning dose of pain and suffering. 

The Thang

 Countertop – QIC


  • SSH x 30
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • Arm Circles/stretches

Sprints, crawls and burpees

  • sprint to mid field / High Crawl back / 30 Spartan Race Burpees
  • sprint to mid field / High Crawl back / 20 Spartan Race Burpees
  • sprint to mid field / High Crawl back / 10 Spartan Race Burpees


  • 20x dolly (and hold)
  • 15x flutter
  • 15x rosalita (and hold)
  • 15x flutter
  • 15x freddy mercury (raised)
  • 8x knee up

Ochocinco – QIC

  • Lap around campus
  • Playground… alternating pull ups and jump squats
  • Field work… high knees, sprints, etc.
  • Merkins

Nakedman Moleskin

-The QICs were forced to improvise, adapt and overcome… well, actually it was just a girls soccer tournament that posed the challenge… but, with the large field overtaken by some of Charlotte’s finest young soccer players, the Area 51 PAX bounced around the campus fringes to find suitable space for a proper beatdown.

-After a nine month hiatus, Special K made an appearance in the gloom.   Welcome Back!

-Feats of strenght and speed:  Donkey Kong tapped into his inner primate, demonstrating tremendous knuckle-walking speed in the bear crawl.  Ochocinco and Far Side turned on the jets in the 50 yard dash. 

-Five members of the PAX conducted a scouting mission at the new Charlotte South workout site — The Rock — that will officially launch on Saturday September 8th at Calvary Church.  Indications are that this site will have much to offer, including a hill that may leave you running home for momma.        


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Chelms aka Tatertot
11 years ago

John Chepul is my brother – Run him hard as he has a reputation to up-hold. Name suggestions – “Tax dodger” or “Geitner” as he prepares tax returns

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