I want to get Swole so I train, I will get Swole in the Rain

I want to get Swole so I train, I will get Swole in the Rain

Voodoo warned YHC that rain was in the forecast this morning.  I didn’t believe it would be that bad but knew there was a large amount of covered space on campus, and if it rained, not many pax would show up.  YHC was also fighting a stomach bug, and thought I would be recovered by morning.  Unfortunately, I was wrong about everything.

At about 5:27 YHC directed all the cars from the bus lot to the cafeteria dock, which ended up being a solid group of 11 pax.  As the bells were unloaded from the cars, some pax decided to seek the cover of the loading dock while others opted for more room in the rainy parking lot.

The thang;

Warm up:  10 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Windmill, 10 Arm circles forward, 10 Arm circles backward.

10 Double Romanian Single Leg DeadLifts

5 waiter carry holds(each arm) for 30 seconds each(led by Voodoo)

5X5 Double Kettlebell Cleans

5X5 Double Kettlebell squats.

1 Min of Elbow Plank

1 Min of V-Sit Hold


Moleskine:  The loading dock would be ideal for 5 or so pax, not 11.

Sometime during the Cleans and Squats, a cafeteria worker arrived for her shift to be surprised by 11 men lifting kettlebells.  We originally though we were getting displaced but she was ok with us finishing the weinke when she learned we would leave in the next 15 minutes.

YHC was in charge of the music again and tried to do better keeping the rock n roll more PG rated than last week.

Voodoo did some recon after the workout and learned that there is more cover in the shopping center behind the school, which will serve as our rainy day spot moving forward.

Announcements:  Go to Meathead(Wed at Calvary) and Olympus(Sat at Elizabeth Lane) to continue your progress in the strength program.

Next Monday is the MLK Holiday.  Swole will stay open.  Stay tuned to find out what time we’re getting together.

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4 years ago

Thanks for leading, Mighty Mite. I had no idea you weren’t feeling well!

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