Be The Light!

Be The Light!

16 men decided a little rain wasn’t going to discourage them from showing up for a great workout at Union County’s Waxhaw’s longest-running and most successful AO, Dromedary! Would we be under roof to stay dry? What would the Weinke look like? Would there be Burpees? What about rocks? Plenty of questions but only one good answer. AMRAP!

Quick disclaimer given, bluetooth speaker and standard “Rocky” themed playlist ready to roll, so it was time to mosey around Marvin Ridge. Warm-up exercises around the entire campus after various distances, consisting of (the the best of my memory as I made it up as we ran):

  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Plank Jacks x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Grab a wall for Air Presses x 10, left leg out x 10, right leg out x 10

Mosey around the back of the school to the cafeteria and track for the surprise. YHC pre-labeled the (7) AMRAP stations, moved the rocks, and dropped in 2 lanterns along the darkest portions of the track. Little did I know that those lanterns would show up in other ways today for YHC…more to come on that.


Mini-AMRAP of 25 minutes today would consist of the following stations and reps:

  1. (20) Dips
  2. (20) Donkey Kicks
  3. (20) Merkins
  4. (20) Bicep Curls (only heavy rocks today!)
  5. (20) Big Boy Sit-ups LBC’s
  6. (20) Gas Pumps
  7. (5) Burpees/round

Timer went off at 610am, with just enough time to return the rocks and mosey to COT. Quick Mary led by Transporter and Gerber before 615am. Done!


Great job by everyone for pushing themselves and each other today, and we covered about 3 miles as well. It was great to see Deep Dish back out there after a couple months of nursing a knee injury. Also love the consistency, dedication, and hard work of Sprinkles, our “Home Alone” younger brother/son. I don’t know many HS Seniors getting up at 5am to work out with a bunch of old, crusty guys in the cold rain. We appreciate you, brother, and know God has big plans for your life. Keep up the great work.

So…about those lanterns. YHC makes reference during COT prayer of the Darkness in this World, and that we need to be the Light as Darkness cannot exist in Light. Today was no different and this was part of the prayer. The Bible verse of the Day today on the You Version Bible App was from John 8:12 where it reads “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Later this morning, I caught a Joel Osteen sermon on Sirius Radio where he talked about being the light when negative people in your life try to bring you down. He mentioned that Darkness cannot exist in the Light and we need to ignore those people in order to light the path for others. Amen!

I truly believe that the 3rd F always shows up during our 1st and 2nd F activities, even if we don’t recognize it at the time or at all. The daily encouragement (light), fellowship (light), banter (light-hearted) we experience everyday is that Light, both in us and for us! I know it helps me get out of bed 4-5 days/week to workout with my F3 brothers, and helps me navigate the day-to-day keeping God’s will and plan for my life in everything I do. I would encourage others to think about what this means to you, personally, since we are about to celebrate Christmas with our families. It’s not about the presents, but about the Gifts God has given every one of us to impact others. Iron Sharpens Iron!

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