Stay Positive – Work Hard – Make it Happen!

Stay Positive – Work Hard – Make it Happen!

Happy Wednesday – Stay Positive – Work Hard – Make it Happen!

I prepared the workout yesterday and had 4 different sections to the workout written down on a 3×5 and during my pre-run I decided to change 2 of the 4 then ended up only completing 3 out of the 4 sections.  More for next time.  



Mosey around the parking lot.  Don’t want to scare off Big Ten with too much running.  I was surprised to see him this morning with him knowing I was Q’ing.  

SSH x 20

Merkins x 15

MTC x 15

Calf Stretch 

The Thang

Mosey to the middle school tables

Carolina Merkins x 20

Single Leg Lunge x 10 each leg

Incline Merkins x 20

Side Lunge x 10 each side

After each round run to the track and back

4 rounds  Modify to 3 rounds

As Brat mentioned I almost pulled out an old flip chart workout from a couple years ago.  I actually thought about it.  

Mosey around to the tennis courts and grab a partner.  I asked that everyone grab a partner of different speed then I look over and see Gerber and Wolverine together.  What’s up with that?

P1 – Bench Burpee

P2 – Run to end of courts and back and flap jack

P1 – Bench Hop overs

P2 – Run to end of courts and back and flap jack

Total of 4 rounds

Start moseying back towards the parking lot and stopped at the center island with all the trees.  What a grinder.

2 up on back, 5 merkins and 10 jump lunges.  I believe there were about 10 trees

Once we got to the top a few of us did some mary.  

On the other side heading down the hill we did 10 CDD and 5 jump squats.  


The 3 (R’s) crushed it today.  I’m sure a lot of us hope to be doing this stuff when we get up there.  Some of are not that far away.  Keep up the great inspiration.  

I think Easy Button brought his first FNG today.  Hope MsDoubtfire comes back for another round of pain.  No matter what this will help him on the basketball court. 

Big Ten made it all the way to COT.  Shocker

Goodfella and Gerber went for their usual pre-run around campus.

The country club boys were out in full force today.  

Posse, thank you for partnering up today and kicking buttholestoday.  Surprised there wasn’t a picture of CDD or Carolina Merkins taken.  

Some of these headlamps are getting fancy and brighter.  I felt like a couple times today I was driving into traffic looking at a car with their bright lights on.  Don’t remember who it was but someone had a light bar across their head.  


11/16 – F3 Waxhaw X-mas party at Lawson Clubhouse.  

$15 and $10 toy per person OR $25 per person w/o toy

11/16 – Gladiator (Formerly Black diamond) 6:30 – 7:30. Will meet up Commitment for after for 2ndF at McD’s.  Dasher on Q

Dasher on Q at Floater

TBD on Q at Clyent Dinner

Thursday F3 Waxhaw Happy Hour at Queen South   

Thank you, Johnny Utah, for taking us out!

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