Circuit City!

Circuit City!

Perfect morning conditions for F3. A pleasant 50 degrees greeted a big group – 21 Bagpipe & 18 Swift – most having been prepared for colder conditions. I ditched my hat when I got there, and wish I could have ditched the sleeves, to be more like Kirby #GunShow. VQ was really a “Pre-V-Q” for Circuit City, who started posting this Summer, and has become a regular. He did a great job…


-Warmups (Circuit City) of SS Hop, Squat, Little Arm Circles, Merkin, Mtn Climbers.

-Lock Ness for 15 Derkins, 10 Jump ups (both wall stops & picnic tables) (Thanks for the suggestion Mighty Mite). Plank, including that awesome yoga stretch with leg forward, hand straight up…really stretches back/glutes) Learned that 2 weeks ago from Big Tuna.

-Wooded Path- 10 pullups, 10 Jump squats (both spots), meet at exit for Mary (thanks Wild Turkey).

-Partner up- 10 Plank Derkins, 10 Leg/Ab/Throws, all you got up the hill (then same at top)

-Bull Ring- 10 Merkins, 12 Monkey Hump, 10 Superman (do at each speed bump around Bull Ring…6?)

-Mosey toward base, with quick Mary Pit stop (thanks Long Haul). Mosey closer to base, then All You Got up final stretch.

-Mary (Circuit City, with one my Margo) Flutter, Dolly, Heals, American Hammer. DONE!


Circuit City handled the Disclaimer, Warmup, and the Mary to finish off, all like a veteran. During the rest of the workout he was clearly taking mental notes and asking questions of others about planning a good Q. He will have a full “VQ” soon! Despite some recent extensive work travel he was eager to step up and start to lead. Thanks Cooter2 for coordinating the joint Q – Circuit City is a native Wisconsinite (Sheboygan, to be exact), like Heartbreaker (Madison) & YHC (Milwaukee). #GoBadgersPackersBucksBrewers. We covered a lot of ground today, and great job sticking together, including every Clydesdale! (Loogie, Patent, Commish, etc.) A lot of chatter about the “Supermans” – “gonna feel those tomorrow”. Although Loogie’s psychotherapist advised against them, most of us will do well to work the back more than we tend to. Simple, yet seems effective. Shout out to Market Timer, who held his Supermans with tremendous patience & grit!

Hope it was a good workout – great job Circuit City, and we look forward to you stepping up further! Thanks all!!

(Swift: Astro, Gumbo, Woodson, Soft Pretzel, Brexit, Taco Stand, Buckeye, Tiger Rag, One Niner, Hazmat, Flipper, JRR Tolkien, Tuck, Paper Jam, Fire Hazard, Haggis, Hair Ball, Wolverine)

-Holiday Party 11/22…last week to sign up!

-THIS SATURDAY- Vagabond!! Stonehenge is closed, DaVinci is open (McGee on Q)

-Kids outing this Saturday 3pm-activity & service…contact JRR Tolkien

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4 years ago

Thanks for co-Q’ing, Bucky and for posting the BB so quickly. You are a true Veteran. Oh yeah….and for the Bucky Humpers….what?!? 😯

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