What Could Banjo’s Uncle Do To A Bumper??

What Could Banjo’s Uncle Do To A Bumper??

Oh man what a beautiful morning it is for 31st Q and my 2nd Q of the week! Crisp air, light humidity and my jeans are cut shorter than my pockets. I channeled my inner dirty redneck by looking through Banjo’s family tree. Oddly enough only about 2 or 3 limbs over the last 6 generations. #thatsaninbreedingjoke

As I glanced at each of his family members I eventually locked eyes with his Uncle Cletus T. Carson the 3rd. This guy was known for a lot of things in the area but as the only body shop owner in the trailer park he knew everyone. He was always busy but the local men folk kept coming back to his place because of his ability to suck chrome off a bumper. Never heard of that service but people laugh whenever telling a story about Cletus.

That made me think I should celebrate Banjo’s uncle and what an honor it would be to lead a group of fine men all over New Town Elementary. I threw on my daisy duke shorts, my cut off sleeve flannel, my pigtail wig, my mesh hat and my reconstructed Vietnam military boots. Sadly Banjo had too many IPAs and cigars on the golf course yesterday so missed his alarm.

DiCCS given for the most part.


Mosey down along street, around the entire school and circle up at flag pole for:

30 x SSH IC

10 x Imperial Walker “thingies” IC

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Mosey big lot for 4 corners. 2 laps. 2 corners do 10 x burpees and 2 corners 20 x LBCs.

Mosey to neighborhood. 25 lunges. Mosey down to far end of caldesac. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey to the top. Repeat 3 times.

Mosey to back of school for the track. Partner up with opposites. Someone you have never partnered with before. Partner 1 (gazelle)runs a lap. Partner 2 (Clydesdale) elbow planks. Everyone planks until the 6 is in.

Next. Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does 5 pull-ups and BB Situps until teammate returns. Mosey back to start.


Holy sheet wigs are hot. Flannel was a bad choice. Lastly, what was a thinking wearing some old ass Vietnam boots for a boot camp? True dedication to a costume is what pushed me through the workout and now the blisters on my feet are reminding me that I might be an idiot. Nothing new.

I appreciate everyone following me as I’m sure the view of me from behind was a real train wreck. Not to mention those rounds of LBCs during four corners with me on my back. I’m thankful for great elastic on boxer briefs to keep the family jewels in place regardless of what Dancing Bear prays for every night. No judgment.

Overall it was a quiet morning again. Does my costume suck the life blood out of the PAX in the AM? Is the form so on point by everyone that no one has anything mean to say? Am I breathing so hard that I’m missing the morning chatter? What the hell am I wearing tomorrow and who’s on this journey with me? So far I think it’s Recalc, Mad Dog, Sausage Party, Gerber, Doughboy, Smithers and Chastain. Are you knuckleheads in for the long haul with me? You are in for a treat and zero tricks will be turned.

Thank you MD for taking us out. Thanks for nothing DW for the awful photos.


  • Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.
  • Christ’s Closet organization party this evening. See Dana for more details.
  • We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.
  • Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

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