New & Improved WAMRAP at Dromedary

New & Improved WAMRAP at Dromedary

***My apologies for the late posting on this, fellas. Was on the road all day + coaching last night but felt it was important to get this out after all the hard work by the 21 in attendance!

Dana and YHC decided last month it was time to change up the monthly Dromedary “WAMRAP” course to challenge the Pax. Same route and location (the MRHS Track near the Cafeteria), but some new exercises. A couple of observations…everyone worked extremely hard and some of the exercises took longer to complete than usual (i.e. Step-ups, H2H, Big Boy Sit-ups). Here is how the new course was laid out, and the results per Pax:

Station 1 – (20) Box Jumps/Step-ups (NEW)

Station 2 – (20) Merkins (NEW)

Station 3 – (20) Bicep Curls with Rocks

Station 4 – (20) Big Boy Sit-ups (NEW)

Station 5 – (20) Tricep Extensions with Rocks

Station 6 – (20) Heels to Heaven (NEW)

Station 7 – +1 Burpee/Lap completed


Goodfella (6.1 Laps)

My Pleasure (5.4 Laps)

OneStar (5.3 Laps)

Ice9 (5.3 Laps)

Garbage Plate (5.2 Laps)

Fiji (5.1 Laps)

Dana (5.1 Laps)

Jingles (5.1 Laps)

Soft Pretzel (5.1 Laps)

Pocahontas (5.0 Laps)

Bounce House (5.0 Laps)

Foley (5.0 Laps)

Rubbermaid (4.6 Laps)

Illiterate (4.6 Laps)

Old McDonald (4.6 Laps)

Boitano (4.5 Laps)

Lazy Boy (4.5 Laps)

RunFlat (4.3 Laps)

The Grease Monkey (4.3 Laps)

Posse (4.3 Laps)

Help Desk (3.6 Laps)


Once again, it was a pleasure to lead this great group of men on Wednesday. The weather was good but noticeably more humid (One Star called that out at the end!). The goal is to push ourselves and each other through a non-stop, 30-minute beating, and I think we accomplished our goal again today. There was really no time to rest, but I think we can all thank the Lord for the Curls and Tricep Extension stations where we could at least catch our breath.

A little self-introspection from YHC…I was feeling a little tired and weak when I showed up at 5am to set up the course with my new Lanterns (to light up the dark sections of the course), sidewalk chalk to write the stations, and signature Bluetooth speaker for some music at the benches. The prerun with Rubbermaid got me moving but I was planning on pushing for my first lap of the WAMRAP, then circling back to encourage the Pax and the Six. This is something I look forward to when I’m not Q’ing Dromedary, but on this day it was mostly to Sandbag since I wasn’t feeling like pushing myself to exhaustion.

That was the plan…until Ice9 showed up at about 5:27am out of the blue! This has happened a few times lately due to some of his travel and doctor appointment schedule. For those that aren’t aware, Ice9 EH’d me about 2.5 years ago at my son’s Birthday Party on a Sunday, while I was about 20 lbs heavier, and eating birthday cake (maybe I was on my 3rd piece???). I had seen Ice9 at school functions and noticed the F3 gear, but never engaged in the workout conversation (I just knew this guy was fit). When he told me to show up the next morning at Flash with him on Q, I knew I had no more excuses. I put the cake down, struggled through his Q (the infamous 100 SSH IC start), and the rest is history.

I say all this because there are certain people you respect and appreciate for different reasons, and as men we need to acknowledge this. Ice9 always competes, encourages, pushes himself and others, and holds YHC to a higher standard. Other than the constant chatter and banter when I’m on Q and he is in the Pax (which all comes from a good place), I know I need to step up my game for the guy who EH’d me and subsequently changed my life in terms of my health, my strength, and my Leadership. Just wanted to point this out since my day of sandbagging would have been easier, but knowing Ice9 was there made me work harder. I’m just thankful I crushed him today as evidenced in the results up above!!! (I had to, brother!).

Keep pushing yourselves and your peers. Challenge guys to not sandbag as I intended to do, and know that this stuff makes us stronger and our personal relationships stronger. We all need men to hold us accountable when we fall/fail, but these are the same men that will need it from us when they go through their hard times. As DREDD said last Saturday during the Convergence at DaVinci…”F3 is not an organization with Leaders…it is an organization OF Leaders!”. GO LEAD!


Crane Relay dates posted. Keep checking Social Media (Slack) for details.

F3 Dad’s Camp at Camp Thunderbird 8/16-8/18. Sign-ups coming very soon so jump on it quickly to secure the spots for you and your kids. It should be awesome!

YHC took us out in Prayer: TAP went out to those who lost their lives in the UNCC shooting this week, and the family members. We also need to keep the family of the perpetrator in our prayers, since they are going through a lot right now too (that’s hard to remember in times like this). Our younger F3 brother, My Pleasure, revealed that his older brother was on campus and close by at the time of the shootings. Though he is ok, we all know he and the other UNCC students and staff are all going through their own fears and post-traumatic stress right now.

Have a great day, fellas. Thanks again for showing up and pushing yourselves and each other. God Bless!

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