More Pain than Rain

ByTuck Mar 14, 2017

At #F3Bagpipe 12 gentlemen sought shelter from the forecasted rain in the BV parking deck. There was more pain than rain. Thang Mosey to the

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ByBucky Mar 7, 2017

The workout ended with US Marine "Carney" carrying the inaugural Bagpipe shovel flag, leading us back to the AO and taking a victory lap. It was

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Who is John J. Delaney?

ByWildTurkey Feb 28, 2017

We took a less common route on today's Bagpipe adventure to learn, just who is John J. Delaney. (Answer below.) After Tuck and I finished a pepp

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Fresh Faces at Bagpipe

ByThin Mint Feb 8, 2017

Thang Roundabout mosey while avoiding traffic to lot by Loch Ness Thorough disclaimer with an FNG present and COP (IC) SSH x15 LSS x15


Bagpipe Burpees for McGee (100)

ByJRR Tolkien Jan 25, 2017

WORKOUT SUMMARY So YHC pulls up into The Vine American Kitchen Parking lot at ~5:20am, and had to park in a totally distant spot, just to get a


Warrior Nutrition Challenge – Pre-Blast

ByBounty Hunter Jan 19, 2017

I first want to preface that I am no way taking credit for coming up with this myself. All the credit goes to Pebbles for putting this together


Pinch hitter

ByOne-Niner Jan 17, 2017

Names are combined from SWIFT and Bagpipe. 18 at Bagpipe and I believe 16 at SWIFT. One of the very few workouts YHC has never taken the opportu


It’s about time….

ByHeartbreaker Jan 12, 2017

Thang: VQ- After 2 ½ years of doing F3, I finally Q’d Bagpipe Disclaimer was given and we headed out across the street and circled up. COP:

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100% rain

ByBucky Jan 4, 2017

100% chance of rain was actually just a bit misty. Gave disclaimer. 9 Bagpipe moseyed to circle up: Bulgarian Ball Busters (yah!), Merkins, Mtn

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Stupid is as stupid does

ByUdder Dec 27, 2016

Six fine sob fellows plus one out of towner joined the ranks to tackle some running and exercises in this downright balmy December heat. I'm no m

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