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Matrix Today!

68 degrees, light wind out of the south–felt like summer!


Warm Up with SSH, IW, MC, Merkins (each set followed by 5 pullups on Monkey Bars).


High Knee holds in cadence 3 sets of 10


Plank Jack holds  3 sets of 10


Track: 4 laps and 100 LBCs, 3 Laps and 75 LBCs, 2 Laps and 50 LBCs, 1 Lap and 25 LBCs


Wall: sit on wall with air press and burpees


finish with Seated Arm/Leg Raises ( a more difficult version of v-Ups).


Quiet group. Good work.  Quill is taking son to basic training in Okla..Some are wondering about New Years convergence.


Happy New Year!

What Defines a Triple Nickle?

The age old question came up at the beginning of the workout from none other than Sprockets. After everyone arrived on time, except OT, we headed through the campus and stopped for a little warm up.

20 x SSH

20 X IW

15 x Merkins

Continue through the parking lot out to Providence road then down Raintree Lane to the bottom of the hill. Reminds me of my old Fast Twitch days. Up and down the hill 5 times, with 5 hand release merkins at the top, and 5 squats at the bottom. Definition:

F3 | Exercises

Find a hill. Start at bottom, run to top and complete 5xcalled exercise, run to bottom and complete 5xcalled exercise, 5 repetitions (5/5/5=Triple Nickel). Can easily be done on flat surface with launch point and target point.

Continue back through campus and find the tennis courts. After some help. Line up abreast. Lunge walk each court, 20 LBCs, all the way down. Run back to the start. Bear crawl each court, then 10x Sister Mary Catherines. Run back to start and wait for the PAX.

Now head to the top of the stadium for 3 rounds of 4 corners. 10x merkins at each corner, with the loop starting at the top of the stadium, then down and around track, and back up to the top of the stadium. Once completed we headed back to the launch point for some Can Openers and Spanish inspired Rosalitas.


Great work by all, and Marge continues to lead the charge on hill workouts. I am pretty sure he is cheating. One eye and Sprockets keep trying to catch up with him, which is why he has to be cheating. Kinda like Hopper on the 4 corners. I am not sure if he modified, or just didn’t listened to instructions as he flies by a few of us doing merkins and says his way was much faster, which didn’t involve any merkins. Commish, Strawberry and Heartbreaker showed up because they either got lost, or didn’t know I was on Q. Great to see those guys. It has been too long. And so is Heartbreaker’s beard. Thanks for letting me lead and glad the rain held off.

3 1/2 Corners

Silly me agreed awhile back to take a Q at Sparta, and then I asked, what is the minimum expected mileage. Response: 4.5 miles. Dang it. What have I signed up for. I haven’t run over 4 miles in at least a year. After studying google maps last night, I finally came up with a workout that allowed me to lead from the middle knowing that running is not my strong suit.

The Thang: Run down to the parking lot of MUMC for a little warm up. Some SSH, IWs and merkins to get loose. Then, head across the street to the Hampton Green neighborhood. Run down Whitefrairs Lane and turn down each road, run to the end and perform 20 merkins until you have done all 7 roads. On the way back up Whitefrairs, 10 jump squats at each street light. Collect the 6, and head back over to MUMC.

We performed 4 corners, or more like 3.5 corners. At each corner do 20 of called exercise: LBCs, Sister Mary Catherines, Heels to Heaven, and Merkins. We got 3 laps in. Head back to launch point.

We had just enough time for a round of the can opener to work on the abs.

We covered right over 5 miles. Who knew.

Moleskin: Thanks for the invite to lead Gypsy and Madison. All I know is it had to be better than running with a tire. Everyone pushed hard and hopefully I am not invited back.

Honoring 9/11

To honor the thousands of people that lost their lives 18 years ago, I want us to remember the pain and suffering of the people that died during the attack. In addition, there are thousands of first responders who are still suffering from the time they spent helping those in need. No matter how much pain we suffer in the gloom, it will never compare to what they and their families have gone through, and will continue to endure the rest of their lives. I want to thank all our service members and first responders who fight for us every day here at home, and over seas to continue to protect our freedom and our lives. Make sure to thank someone today for what they do.


Run 2001 meters around the track (5 laps) carrying 55lb firehose between 5 PAX.

Complete 11 reps of all 9 exercises below. In between each rep, run to the end of the track and back for 110 meters.

11 x Double Merkin Burpee

11 x Lunges (each leg)

11 x Worst Merkin Ever (Wide arm, Regular, Diamond)

11 x Monkey Humpers

11 x Hand Release Merkins (Military Count)

11 x Can-opener (Military Count)

11 x Thrust Merkin (military Count)

11 x Makhtar N’diaye

11 x Crucible Merkin (Military Count)

Finish back up at parking lot for some LBCs, rosalita and dolly.

Moleskin: Thanks for take out Puddin Pop. Read Above.

Out Running Swift

I haven’t been out to Bagpipe in a long while and had to look it up on a map to make sure I knew how to get there. Luckily Tagalong reminded me Sunday night about my Q. I saw some new faces, and unfortunately a lot of ugly old ones (not you FireHazard). Mosey down to the bullring. Warmup and then the fun begins.

Start on the rights side of the building and run around the semicircle and 5 hand release merkins at each speedbump even though they didn’t exists. When you get to the end run down the next row and then back the last row to finish. Plank for the 6.

Then we moseyed over to the Y parking lot for some dangerous fun. Run to the end of each parking row and 10 hand release merkins, while avoiding cars at the same time. Once complete, we headed over to loch ness. Two laps with 20 decline merkins, 20 dips and so step ups. Once finished, 5 burpees. We head back to the launch for some merry.

Moleskin: It was great to coming back to where it all started for me. I forgot a lot about the site and had to google a little to re-familiarize myself with the area. Apparently, Kirby and Tagalong know more than Google earth and swore there weren’t any speedbumps despite the fact I could clearly see one. Or was it the light? As we ran around the building, we noticed the Swift guys doing a lot of standing around, most notably FireHazard and Voodoo. Very thing, I thought Swift was a running workout, not a walk around with a glow in the dark shirt on workout? How times have changed. We got a total of 3.25 miles which I am guessing was more than Swift for the first time ever. Thanks again for having me out. Fun times as always.


Crane Relay: Sign up

Paintball: June 8, Rock Hill

Sign up for Speed for Need Races

Time mile at Mountain Goat Friday

F3 Dads Camp

F3 Dad Saturday signups

Who is making all that racket?

My last post was deleted so this is an abbreviated version.

Mosey around parking lot to warm up with 15 x SSH, 15 x IW and 15 x merkins. Mosey down the Murderhorn to the rock pile, then head to the pool parking lot. 2 pax each run with a 55lb firehose to the end of the parking lot and back. Other pax 20 curls, 20 dips, 20 overhead press and 5 pullups. Flapjack until each goes twice. Roll up the hose and take turns carrying them back to the launch point. 7s on the grassy hill with Merkins at the bottom and jump squats at top. Grab some wall for 100 airpresses, then 10 x each leg can-opener. Done.

Rock, Hill and a Dog

A few men showed up were we have been meeting for the past few months since the gate has been closed, but a few long timers that haven’t been at The Matrix in months found the gate opened and tried to avoid us. Once we realized we had another group, we gathered and disclaimer was given. Off we went on a mosey around the school. Circle up for our warm up.

20 x SSH



The Thang:

Mosey down sidwalk and around pool that was just installed by Meck County and grab a lifting rock that you can run a quarter mile with. Mosey over to the cul de sac in the adjust neighborhood right past Cold Cuts house. Three rounds of each group of exercises while running the hill.

20 x curls at bottom, 20 squats at the top

20 tricep extensions at bottom, 20 lunges at top

20 shoulder press at bottom, 20 jump squats at top

Grab your rock and mosey back to the rock pile to return. Then head over to the playground to kill the last 5 minutes. 5 pullups, 20 monkey humpers, then run around the median. 3 times and done.


Thank you Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec for adding new rocks to the rock pile, and adding the swimming pool along the sidewalk next to the soccer field. That will come in handy when the weather warms up. Of course Purell and Orangewhip were leading out front the whole time, but I tried to slow Purell down by adding girth to his chicken legs. O’Tennenbaum apparently smells good to dogs as we were constantly berated by a loud barking dog from inside one of the houses in the cul de sac. We had to move, but the dog kept barking at O’T. Strong work by the group and we got close to 3.4 miles total.

Twelve Strong for the Huggie Bear Challenge!

Warm Up  with a Mosey to the lower lot and around the Island (waiting for McGee to catch up).  COP SSH5 Burpees, Mosey across field to check wet status–X 4 with called exercise(IW, Merkins, Burpees) then COP for Peter Parker/Parker Peter and a few more burpees.

Mosey to upper lot by the Track for partnership work.  Called Exercise and run laps  150 Merkins, 250 Squats, while being accosted by some helicopter parents setting up for a school event.

Then we moved to the monkey bars for a segment of 10 Pull Ups, Standing Broad jumps, Lunge Walks, 5 burpees and 20 dips X 3.

Finally, 3 minutes of Mary and recover.

Prayers for Huggy Bear and a complete recovery!


Area 51 Christmas Party Pre-Blast

What: Area 51 Christmas Party
Where: Seaboard Taproom and Winebar  (213 N Trade St, Matthews, NC 28105)
When: 12/1/2018 6:00 to 12:00
How Much: $15 per person ( or
What is included: Dinner and friends

Alright everybody, if you want to get your fill of the Christmas spirit or if attending the SOB Christmas party on November 30 isn’t enough, come on out Saturday night, December 1, for the Area 51 Christmas party.  The party will be held again at the Seaboard Taproom and Winebar in historic downtown Matthews.  However, this time around we will have food from Brown Bag courtesy of Uncle Rico.   So come on out for some great food, great drinks and great times.

Please HC by Sunday, November 18th using the buttons below. Please remember to be safe. If you are going to drink don’t drive. Get an Uber, Lyft, or 16-year-old 2.0 to drive you. Come join us to celebrate another successful Area 51 year.  ( And yes, I copied Fire Hazards Pre-blast)


You can reserve your tickets using button above.. Once you have reserved them, please pay via PayPal using the second button or by sending to the following e-mail address: When you send the money, please use the Friends & Family option and include your F3 Name as well as “Holiday Party” in the note. Thank you! If you don’t have access to PayPal, let PopTart know and we will find another way for you to pay.

Along Came Polly Ultimate Frisbee

The Thang and Moleskin:  14 Pax showed up, but only 13 joined in the fun for the Ultimate Frisbee Battle Royale.  (We really could have used Chin Music for his height and arm but I think he was worried about guarding Stone Cold with no shirt on)  Stone Cold brought his light up frisbee, and we moseyed down and around the track.  3 mediocre sprints from the goal line to the 50 yard line and then we were warmed up for the match on the pitch.  We started off with 7(Skins) on 6(Shirts), then Header and Dollywood left the Shirts because we were getting out butts whooped.  Then we picked up Yeti and Stone Cold, and the average age of our team went up by 5 years I think.  Everytime the other team scores the losing team does 20 merkins.  I think my team did 120 or more.  We let the skins have a couple extra goals since we felt bad for them, but either way the shirts lost.  Even when we had an extra guy the second half.  Sweeny Todd made an unbelievable Odell Beckham type sliding catch which was great to watch.  All of us old guys were jealous because we would have pulled a hami and probably torn an ACL if we tried that.  Kirk must have eaten a stick of butter before the match or he was allergic to the plastic on the frisbee because he refused to catch the long TD passes from the skins multiple times.  There were multiple instances where the shirts would glide right off the skins while trying to defend them and reminded me when the large hairy, shirtless defender in Along Came Polly blocked Ben Stiller and had his sweaty chest rub all over Ben’s face.  We got in between 2.5-3 miles depending on how much each Pax ran.  We had a blast but next time need to wear blinking lights so we can differentiate between the teams.  Kinda hard to tell the difference between Mr. Brady’s white tank top and Ductwork’s ghostly white torso in the dark.