Want to see who your friends are? Call Burpees post COT

Want to see who your friends are? Call Burpees post COT

Spoiler, I was the only one who did burpees.  Details in the Moleskin.

18 Pax came out for a beautiful morning (any time its above 40 and not raining its perfect weather in my book).  DiCCS provided and a couple pax with nervous laughter when I told them we would not be crossing the railroad tracks or Providence Rd.


Mosey to the other church – not sure the name but its about a .2 mile mosey away.

15 SSH’s.

Attempted to do the active stretching I hinted about in Monday’s BB.  Trying to figure out ways to stretch with out the heart rate plummeting.  Jury’s still out as I wasn’t thrilled with how it went…any who…

Calf Stretch Right over left with Merkins.  Flap Jack for more Merkins.  I believe we did 12.

Downward Dog with Dry docks mixed in… I think we did 10.

I got bored and knew time was of the essence so ended the warm up early.



Mosey back to launch for Progressive 4 5 corners.   Stop to do exercises on the out, run without stopping on the way back.  For purposes of this BB, I will break it up into the “rounds” we did.

  • 5 Turkish Get Ups, Run to Corner 2 for 10 Merkins, Run back to Corner 1.
  • 5 Turkish Get Ups, 10 Merkins, 15 Jumping Lunges.  Zinfandel confirming 2 = 1…Yes, why would we do an odd number?  Apparently Chastain wasn’t on the same page and attempted 1 is 1 until being corrected.    Run back to Corner 1.
  • 5 Turks, 10 Merkins, 15 J Lunges, and on to Corner 4 for 20 Dry docks.  Run back.
  • 5 Turks, 10 Merkins, 15 J Lunges, 20 Dry Docks, and 25 Curb Shoulder Up Up Down Downs (???  no clue what to call them).   Run back.

I scouted the distance before and this got us 1.3 miles.  I wasn’t intending on the jumping lunges to hurt that much and I expected the shoulder curb things to hurt more.  Lessons learned.  Moving on.

Mosey to the bottom of Keith Jong Hill and partner up with someone your same ability.

  • P1 does 100 reps as follows: 25 LBC’s, 25 T Claps, 20 Jump Squats, 15 Merkins, 10 In/Outs, 5 Burpees
  • P2 Does light pole suicides up the hill (three light poles on the right).  If the runner finishes before P1 does – everyone stops there, no matter what rep they are on.  If P1 finishes the 100 reps before the runner gets in, the team must do a 5 burpee penalty together.

I specifically picked out some easier exercises for the 100 reps as I intended it to be more of an active recovery from the hill run and I wanted to make the runners work to make it in on time.  I also didn’t see many people doing penalty burpees (my partner didn’t seem too keen on doing them) so I let it slide.

2 Rounds of this.  As we finish up we hear the train coming.

Backwards run up the hill.  Short recover to regroup everyone and then jailbreak to the stop sign.   Look over to Ice 9 and ask him for a 10 count, he then proceeds to attempt to have us do burpees….NOPE.  Jail break to COT.  As we are collecting at COT, we have reached 6:15, but we still hear that train whistle in the distance.  Quick Count, Name-O-Rama, and Announcements.  Train is getting closer.   I took us out with a prayer and the train was on us.  Burpees!  I look up after burpee number 1 to see the backs of everyone.   Some gentle coaxing and name calling and no one is turning around (Really?  Not even one “I don’t agree with you but I won’t make you do them alone” guy?).  Picture is taken and I’m still doing burpees.  I think I got to burpee number 11 by the time the train had “passed” (who knows).  I’m not mad.  I’m not even disappointed.  I’m more surprised.  It wasn’t the reaction I suspected from this group.  Sure I figured pax wouldn’t like it.  But I figured one or two would fall in with me and the pressure would get to the rest.  Instead, 17 guys took the easy way out from a group that typically prides itself on going beyond.



  • Apparently the burpee train rules need to be revisited and clearly stated at this AO.  A couple weeks ago we had a Pax attempting to claim if  you cant see the train you don’t do burpees (that’s never been a thing).  I’ve been there before where we have done burpees before 5:30.   So if we will do them before the workout, why not after?
  • Chastain towards the front of the group most of the day, though after hearing he attempted 1 = 1 jumping lunges, we now know why.
  • Ice 9 Dry heaving as he was running towards me might be the scariest thing that’s happened to me in 2021.
  • Easy Button stepping up to chat up the new Pax Hot Tub and make him feel welcomed.  Nice job.
  • Zinfandel on point all morning being the Anti Damascus.   Correcting counts, helping pax remember what exercises to do, and reminding guys of the penalty burpees.   Thank you.
  • I wish I had High Hat’s energy this early in the morning.  He almost scared away hot tub talking about a time he played in a reggae band and why one of the guys had the nick name bone.  I did a double take when he told me he was in a reggae band.
  • Zinfandel pointing out that Banjo and I had matching Rocky Suites on.   Banjo and Hot Tub also commiserating on the West Virginia connections.   Discussions included what holler they were from and which cousin they married.
  • Thanks for Carb Load for the invite.
  • Some end of workout watch comparisons had mileage from 2.9 to 3.5.  With mine being the highest at 3.5 miles, many pax were skeptical…as am I.
  • I didn’t get a no out of Shake this morning (that I heard at least).  Much like “Oh Yeah’s” from Loafer, I look forward to making shake say “No”.  I guess its back to the drawing board for increasingly more difficult or stupid stuff for the next Floater Q.



  • Blood Drive Jan 30th at Five Stones.    Sign up and get people signed up.   Additional slots recently added.
  • CSAUP Waxtravaganza Feb 6th.  13 Miles of First F and beers at the Tap House afterwards for 2nd F.
  • Centerfold organizing a group for next Wednesday for Rice and Beans in uptown.

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