#BAH BAH Waxhaw do you have any new hills?

#BAH BAH Waxhaw do you have any new hills?

18 Pax ventured out to visit a new hill #BAH (Big Ass Hill) that is just over by the Post Office on Waxhaw Pkwy Rd.  Quickly review DCCS and ready to roll towards KJH when Bottlecap makes point to emphasize S for Safety and need for pax to continue to wear appropriate attire for safety especially at the Floater.  Great point but takes an extra 0:47 seconds to complete putting the start time at 5:15:47.

Off we go for warm up mosey down KJH and circle up at Veterinarian parking lot.

Quick Warmup:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walker
  • Jimmy Dugans (Nails confirms that even Nails can properly do Jim Dugans)
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch

Plan was to have 4 groups and do leap frog up the sidewalk, but turned into 2 groups playing leap frog.  Group 1 do Carolina Dry Docks at light, Group 2 run to next light and begin Dry Docks.  Once full group at light keep leap frogging until we get to crosswalk by Post Office.  Properly cross road together and mosey on down to start of neighborhood.

With the 2 groups still in tact, Group 1 do  “Nickles & Dimes”  at the bottom while Group 2 runs to given point up the hill.  Once group returns flapjack.

  • Round 1: 5x Merkins/10xBobby Hurley – Run to Waxhaw Flyers Building
  • Round 2: 5x Squats / 10 x Big Boi Situps – Run to Dollar Tree, Family Dollar Dollar General
  • Round 3: 5 x Carolina Dry Docks / 10 x Speed Skaters – Run to NTB

Collect the 6 and cross over Rt 16 back to sidewalk.  Resume with leap frog with burpees back to launch point.  Along the way lots of chatter from the Lord Kelvins, Jacques and Pierre Curies ( History of Timekeeping) regarding time management.  Certain point there seemed to be a coup as some began to just mosey back without stopping for burpees.  Not today, make push towards the front to take back the reigns and restore order.  Leap frog back with burpees included.  Getting closer to COT and Shake’s mumblechatter is increasing and looking to report Toby to Corporate, but like you once wrote in a song:

Can you teach me ’bout tomorrow
And all the pain and sorrow running free
‘Cause tomorrow’s just another day
And I don’t believe in time….

Finally, we cross back over Rt 16 and are back at COT at 6:15:47.  ( Just like when you look at a scale and it says 215.9, you mark the weight as 215).  We finished at 6:15.


  • Christ Closet Folding Party tonight 7:00 – 9:00
  • Restate Bottlecap’s message from this morning – please keep safety in mind especially at sites with higher traffic.  Be purposeful in choosing correct gear.


  • Learned more about Gerber and his knowledge of Dollar Stores and passion for Dollar Tree where his children are all allowed 2 items every visit (particularly fond of the balloons).  Would have thought living in Briarcrest that they would be more uppity and a $5 Below Family
  • Running by Deflated one point heard some clinking noises coming from the knee – either needs to oil the knee brace or has some real junk going on in there – MRI stat!
  • 0-69 enjoyed having join us along the hill to provide the music inspiration and caught a glimpse of the jog few times
  • Mad Dog looked into the Floater bylaws and found that statute 37.4.3.b states that if beyond KJH when train rolls by burpee compliance is discretionary.  Due to distance we need not complete at time, but once we re-entered boundaries of burpee train rules, we intended to make up for it with return mosey.
  • Based on the few audibles provided you can see that the weinke was properly reviewed by Deadwood’s Weinke Inspection Services.
  • Be sure to check out the F3 Name Change functionality now available on website – www.f3waxhaw.life

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