Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

20 PAX in attendance for what turned out to be a nice morning filled with the beautiful sounds of mumblechatter. Everyone was on time and at 5:30, away we went.

Warm Up:

Disclaimer provided, then Mosey to circle in HS, warm up: 5 burpees, 15 mountain climbers IC, 15 plank jacks IC, 15 low slow Merkins, 15 peter parkers IC, 5 burpees

The Thang:

–To staircase area:

Triple Nickel -5 donkey kicks at top of stains, 5 knee slappers at bottom, 5x each;  Mary and plank work waiting for six

to roundabout:

–In pairs- run around loop, on way back between cones, bear crawl or frog jumps before reaching partner; complete 200 jump squats and 200 merkins (modified to 120 because I felt like it and not because of the mumblechatter); Mary while waiting for six

Mosey to parking lot:

–10- 6 count burpees (for some at least); then 4 corners at lightpoles, at each 10 count speed skaters (each leg), run forwards and backwards; Mary while waiting for six

–On way back-stop and circle up-5 mountain climbers IC, 10 merkins, 15 Makhtar Ndiaye (for few), 20 plank jacks, 25 second elbow plank (maybe longer, wasn’t counting)

run back to start, 1.5 MOM to end


I figured it was a nice morning to go on a little stroll around campus, sweat a little and work off some of that Halloween candy we have taken from our 2.0’s.  Knowing that I was on Q should have led the PAX to have an idea of what to expect today.  However, for some reason the 20 that came out had other ideas (some were apparently looking forward to 0.0 man-touch Mondays) and I believe were planning a mutiny after realizing that every time I spoke, the word “running” seemed to come out of my mouth.    Unfortunately for them, I pretended not to hear the PAX (until I got told I was making up stuff on the fly, #yeah #sowhat #stillfun) and kept moving until the clock hit 6:15.     All were better because of it.

After today I’m shocked, dumfounded as to why Cool Runnings is on permanent hiatus. #nope  #rip


Strong work by all today.  It was good to see everyone pushing themselves out there this morning with the mileage we covered.  Sorry abut the elbows but when it gets close to 50, as a non-northerner I need long sleeves.  Welcome FNG Stub Hub.


Christmas Party 12/16/17:

Joe Davis Memorial Run 1/6/18 Register here:

Contact Bottlecap for basketball on 11/11/17

It wasn’t stated but former UC poster and now Meck’s very own Doc is on Q tomorrow.


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