Some Q rust at Base Camp

Some Q rust at Base Camp

18 pax came out to Base Camp today. A workout happened. Disclaimer, then something like:

SSH x 25

IW x 20

BK x 23

MC x 15

LBC x 25

Merkin x 15

Squats x 25

Lunges x 20

To track to start the Thang:

Lap 1: 10-20 Merkins per turn (plank wait)

Lap 2: 10-20 squats per turn  (plank wait)

To sideline for there and back pyramids:

5 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

10 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

15 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

10 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

5 x HTH, Merkin, CDD, Dolly

Crab Walk/Bear Crawl or lunge Walk across

Back to track: 1/2 Lap to starting line (plank)

Lap 3: 15 flutters each turn (plank wait)

Lap 4: 2 burpees each turn + 2 burpees Finish

Mosey to Rock Pile, find lifting rock:

bicep curl x 15

tricep extension x 10

Thrusters OYO x 15

Put rocks back, head to wall:

wall sit + air press x 30

Mosey to circle up, all done.

count-a-Rama 1,2,3…18


Great prayer sendoff by Hops (thank you)


Thanks Goonie for giving me the opportunity to lead this group of dudes. It had been multiple years since I have had Q reigns. My favorite show of rust defies all natural logic as we stood in a circle, “partner up with person on your right.” That was a good one.  Form was also called out as form police were out there (Fireman Ed, Mall Cop) and I even think Geraldo got in in the action which is ironic as those squats on the track were more like “look down at your toes”. Lewinsky ran like a man possessed on the track, and if that was 70-80 percent dude has rockets. We thought he may be running to check his phone each lap as their first baby is due today. Good luck and thoughts and prayers to you and your family! To get a workout pass on the day of is a near miracle in and of itself. I think I recall Spackler some years back actually posting the day his baby was born? Anyway, Great workout by all, good to see Stage Coach back out and great support from Wessex Square pax, appreciated!

Hops had a great prayer send off and reminded us life is precious. So let’s enjoy it fellas.

Also Prayers of healing for Jennings Palmer (about time 2.0) who continues to recover from cancer treatment and Anthony Archdeacon (F3 name Bolt) and 2.0 of Mic Check who suffered a terrible head injury playing Rugby last weekend but is looking to make a full recovery thank you lord. I posted with Bolt several weeks ago and boy has amazing strength so certain that helped him sustain and heal.

Remember to be awesome.

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4 years ago

Solid Q Bug. Glad to have the #happynebraskan back in the gloom! Also Kotters, indeed, to Stagecoach. Many painful returns brother.
Other sundry observations:
Semi-Gloss does not do burpees. Necessary modification?
The chemicals on the field left a skin fungus yet to be identified….
The darkest AO in Area51 is not so dark in early summer…the refuseniks and ‘modifiers’ have nowhere to hide.
Speaking of refuseniks- Spackler was killing Fireman Ed with form policing…his cadence call was atrocious.
Hammer & Leprechaun are fast…when they so choose.
Have those rocks always been there by the stairs? Typically so dark I probably never noticed them.

4 years ago

Day of my 2nd being born. Indeed. Scheduled c-sections are key.

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