Anvil There And Back

Anvil There And Back

22 pax happily stepped into the Anvil gloom a day after the day we won’t ever forget, to remember we’re all in this together, America is a great country, the unit is always stronger than any one part, and as Runstopper put it today everyone strives to feel how Stone Cold looks. Time to sharpen the iron..

Mosey to circle up:











The THANG begins:

Mosey to Avenue of Trees for There and Back 50-yard Pyramid Ladder OYO: Same 4 exercises each side (HRM, CDD, FM, HTH) There 5, Back 10, There 15, Back 20…15,10,5

50-yard There and Back 10 Jump Squats at each tree

50-yard There and Back 10 Regular Squats at each tree

Mosey to Picnic Tables for some He Hate Me (dips, Derkins, step ups x 10) – 5 minutes (QB audible to half the time – hot box was hot today)

Mosey to Rock Pile – lifting rock for sit ups, bicep curls, tricep extension x 20 – 1 set

count-o-Rama 1,2,3…22

name-o-Rama (snooka war daddy I think, respect)

prayer takeout by Run Stopper. Great words and send off!


Thanks Lorax for this opportunity to lead the fine pax of Anvil of A51. There was a bit of mumble chatter out there. Always a good sign. Goal was a workout that hit the main body parts. A full body if you will. Good to see some BRR and Go Ruck buddies out there today. Welcome back to Anvil Baracus! Didn’t you start this Anvil thing when Death Valley got too big? You did look kind of like a fish out of water with this boot camp thing.  49er and stone cold got early pre-run on so get some bonus points. 49er left early so bonus points retracted. Good to have Leprechaun back as he has been sidelined for a few weeks. How he got injured while vacationing at the beach is still beyond me. Vacation = R&R. Scratch had the name game going strong for our FNG of the day Sergio, brought out by Slum Dog.  We landed on Coco after he claimed a strong interest in dancing, specifically the Salsa. But after referencing the F3 A51 names directory see Coco is already taken. That said a rename back to original call out of Waggles after Sergio Garcia. As scratch explained Tiger Woods can’t even stand watching Sergio prepare to hit the golf ball as he takes too long and does his waggling. So Waggles it is. Kind of a dance move too I guess, if you are Thunder Road doing Saturday Night Fever dance floor action.

Hopefully this leaves a mark on your week and you are better and stronger for it. Stay clear of Hurricane Florence and well wishes for safety to all in path.

All in all, Iron sharpened.



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4 years ago

Good stuff Bugeater. Pulled 22 pax out of the fartsack and put a beating down to start the day. Really enjoyed the out/back set. My kind of set with some running point-to-point with multiple exercises. Will say that 20 H-R merkins are tough. Great group out there. Awesome to have Baracus back at Anvil, and, to work out with him 2 days in a row. Now we need to get the other OG Anvil site Q, Young Love, back out.

Young Love
4 years ago

I hear you, Mermaid. I’m warming up…

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