Three years of Ascent bliss met at the intersection of Humid and Humid

  • When:08/06/2016
  • QIC: Bugeater
  • The PAX: Moon River, Cooter, Mall cop, Sony, Fugitive (War Daddy), Bugeater (QIC), Heart breaker (War Baby)

Three years of Ascent bliss met at the intersection of Humid and Humid

Seven dudes drove in.  Well 6 drove in and I think Cooter fell from a tree because he suddenly appeared on the track during our warmups. It has been three glorious years planting the virtual shovel flag at Olde Providence Elementary on Saturday mornings. A great destination for a moderate intensity work out for guys getting started, coming back from time off or injury, or just feeling like a friendly Saturday encounter. I tried to channel some High Tide, some Strange Brew, and some Pele in this workout that offered up cardio, legs, shoulders, chest, core and covered over 2 miles of distance.

The work out went something like this:

Disclaimer: I am far from a professional, this is my first Q in 13 months, don’t do what I do, do it the way it is supposed to be done. Actually what I said was I am not a professional, modify as you need to, preference is to do the exercises in proper form but perhaps slower and fewer – as needed. Our goal is no injuries so modify as needed.

We’re off:

Lap around track: lunge walk, karoake right, karoake left, butt kickers, high knees, lunge walk

Mosey to field to circle up: SSH x 25, IW x 20, MC x 20, Merkins x 10

3/4 mile Indian Run To Harris Teeter (actually behind the business building next to Harris Teeter)

Warmup over, ready for…THANG PART 1

Zig Zags (slap each line  back and forth for 40 yards) There & Plank (right hand high, foot, left, etc)

Zig Zags (slap each line  back and forth for 40 yards) Back & LBC (in cadence)

Plank (1 minute on the timer – hold it, hold it…)

There and Back 40 yards: (10 merkins one side, 10 jump squats half way, 10 CDDs other side) x 2

3/4 mile Indian Run Back To Olde Providence, grab drink of water & head back to field where circled up (the humidity factor thick and pax is feeling the effects as our Indian Run was broken into 3 stops for merkins to keep pax together and ended up being a mosey – good job guys for hanging in there)

Time check: 0739 (feeling smoked yet?)

On Your Six for some core to catch breathe: LBC x 20, Mason Twist x 12

Ready for…THANG PART 2

There and Back Pyramid (4 exercises at each side)

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 5

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 10 – THERE

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 10 – BACK

Burpees, Squats, Merkins, Heels to Heaven x 5 – THERE

Time check: 0749 (feeling smoked yet?)

Slow Mosey (with some buttkickers & high knees thrown in) to Concessions for a snack: someone wanted a snow cone…

Dips x 30, Step Ups/Hop Ups x 20, Decline Merkins x 10

Slow Mosey to Playground and Partner Up:

Partner A Planks and Holds Feet, Partner B Old Fashioned Sit Ups x 20

Slow Mosey to starting position for 1-minute plank (timer assisted)

It’s a wrap, 60 minutes, 10 seconds, end time 8:00.10 AM

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

Prayer Send off by Me – Thanks lord for blessing us with the health to be out here, the strength for those coming back from injuries, and bless and watch over everyone involved in the Olympics this year to keep those participating and their families and fans – all safe. Thanks for guidance and courage to go into the world and be men of faith, benefiting our communities, families, work places and being good husbands and fathers. In your name we pray, Amen.

Moleskin: Four weeks ago I committed to coming back into the F3 fold. My health took a drop off with weight gain and some bad heart vitals (bad cholesterol). Plus I have missed all of you knuckleheads, even the ones who make fun of me. Or should I say especially the ones who make fun of me. I have missed the gloom, who would have ever thought. F3 is an amazing opportunity we are all lucky to have in our lives. F3 is exactly what we put into it. We can get a work out, we can lead a work out, we can grab, make, or create fellowship, and we can dig into the third F.

For this workout I have to admit I turned up the intensity just a smidge over moderate. I am certainly feeling smoked and hope it treats you all well. Heart Breaker was killing it today. Nice work brother. Great effort by everyone as we all pushed ourselves. Totally fun and cool to be part of this one. Good job hanging in Sony on the shopping trip. Mall Cop on the road to recovery – let’s do this. Moon River and Cooter both powered through showing strength. Fugitive showing off his war daddy powers and just shocked at his 56-years young age. Dude is fit as a fiddle.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead Pele – and Happy Birthday to Ascent-Olympus, celebrating three years working out at this OP AO on Saturday mornings. Enjoyed the Coffee-Rama and catching up with Fugitive and Mall Cop for some fellowship.

Make it a great weekend fellas.


If interested in assisting with a kids shelter in Matthews and being a role model for kids who absolutely need it and have no guidance in there lives, reach out to me, Joker, or Pudding Pop as we will be involved in this August work out from 4-5 PM on August 20 (i think it’s Aug 20th)

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High Tide
7 years ago

Happy 3 year anniversary to Ascent, indeed! To celebrate that (and the return of our long-lost pax, Bugeater), let’s have a party! How about the Area 51 / SOB Pool Party on August 20th! Sign up now!

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