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Hydra equal opportunity workouts, long sleeves welcome

21 pax stepped outside to temperatures in the mid-30’s and a welcome blast of fresh cool air. “It’s on” they all said excitedly. These brave pax then proceeded to converge on Olde Providence Elementary for a workout that did not discriminate on the basis of wardrobe or attire, like some other unnamed workouts on Tuesday morning not named Fast Twitch. Here, all men were welcome, all men recognized as being created equal, and all men were equally treated to a very large helping of pain handout. Long sleeves, short sleeves, toboggans, fingerless gloves, blue jeans, wet suits, breakdancing pants, tutus, short shorts, long pants, mittens, ear warmers…

The Thang:


1 Lap then 5 Burpees x 2

Partner A bear crawls, partner B merkins x 15 and catch partner A, switch (1 lap around)

Mosey to Fields for COP:

Merkin x 10

SSH x 15

Wide Merkin x 10

IW x 20

Diamond Merkin x 10

Squats x 15

Merkin x 10

Partner Up, Line Up for some field sprints:

Partner A Jump Squats, Partner B 50-yard there and backs, flapjack

Partner A Burpees, Partner B 50-yard there and backs, flapjack

Partner A Heels to Heaven, Partner B 50-yard there and backs, flapjack

Mosey to Concession for some 30-20-10’s:

Dips x 30

Jump Ups X 20 (or 10 step ups each leg)

Burpees x 10

Rinse and Repeat

Form a line, Indian Run to Rea, Windyrush, Foxworth (1/2 mile)

Partner Back Up:

Foxworth Hill sprints Partner A plus 5 burpees there and back, Partner B Jump Squats, flapjack

Run back home through Olde Providence Outdoor Classroom

COT – Circle Up for 3 Minutes of Mary:

Mason Twist x 20

Freddy Mercury x 15

Dolly x 15

Flutter Kick x 15

that’s a wrap folks!

Count off and Name-o-rama


We came, we saw, we did our thing. Great work by the pax un-phased by the cold. Some were reminded that it is the end of October and hats, long sleeves, and gloves may be needed on these gloomy mornings.

Anyone who saw M OLB post on the main site  I am sure you were moved. Anyone not checked that out yet, you should do so. It is a reminder of why we are F3, and how being a part of F3 is bigger than any one man. Many of us in Area 51 did not know OLB, Terry Pridgen, but we know if he was posting to workouts with F3, that he was a brother. Hops had some great comments and words you should check out too. 3rd F is strong today people!

The Hydra pax is no joke these days. Strong work and way to push it. Filmont mentioned we need some fresh pax to post so he can have someone to push. Sounds good to me. We have 500 homes in OP right behind us. And Filmont, you have been battling every week and doing awesome work man! Greyhound is getting stronger and mentioned it. He said the rest of the pax is getting stronger too. Agreed, sounds like Q’s are doing their jobs.

Last, keep coming back, keep pushing it, keep getting better. It happens one workout at a time gentlemen.


Nov 10, 4 PM Panther v. 49ers at Fox & Hound Ballantyne. See weekly F3 email for evite link and details.

New workout named Olympus. New kettlebell/strength workout starting this Saturday at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.

Put your name in for Spring Mudrun Team. Stagecoach is Mudrun Q and looking for free agents or teams. Sign ups will be around Nov 1. You should sign up if you have been working out more than once per week. One of the best events we do and great 2nd F on bus ride to and from.

Holiday party at Tiger Rag’s casa. See the weekly F3 email and evite.

Hydra meet Hairburner

13 pax came to Hydra for a usual form of most unflattering downPAINment.

The Thang:

1 Lap

Merkins x 25

Burpees x 5

Rinse and Repeat

Plank until all complete

Mosey to field


SSH x 25

Rock Hoppers x 15

IW x 15

CDD x 20

MC x 20

Diamond Merkins x 15

Run to Harris Teeter Parking Lot (.75 mile)

First 3 double back to pick up last 3

Hairburners x 3

Burpee Sets x 3 OYO

Run back to OP Field (.75 mile)

First 3 double back to pick up last 3

Plankorama – Left, Right, Regular

Merkins x 25 OYO

Mosey to Concession:

Dips x 30

Jump Ups x 20

Burpees x 10

Mosey to Playground:

Prairie Fire Mary (Left, Center, Right x 10)




– Tiger Rag was kind enough to make a drop off of heavy weights (plates) at the Harris Teeter so they could be waiting for the PAX as a surprise. And a pleasant surprise it was. The hairburner was introduced to Hydra and did some burning of the legs. Thanks Tiger Rag for your pain contribution.

– Greyhound continues to come out. I think he has been every Thursday since his initial post. At 73 this is amazing display of guts. Great to have you posting Greyhound. Keep coming back.

– Strong work by all. Dracula continues to get stronger, and Deadwood is too. Great work overall by pax


– SIgn up for Spartan Beast

– Sign up for Thunder Road 1/2 of Full Marathon. 49er is recruiting and this will be a mega F3 event and showing!


Hydra can’t stop a greyhound


21 pax converged on Hydra for a usual dose of work out and were joined by 73-year old marathoner dubbed greyhound. The beat down goes something like this.

The Thang:

1 X lap around track, 25 merkins, 1 burpee

rinse and repeat


Circle up in field:

SSH x 40

merkin x 15

IW x 20

wide merkin x 10

MC x 20

diamond merkin x 10

mason twist x 20

merkin x 15

burpees x 20

merkin x 10

Form a Line – Indian Run to Harris Teeter (.75 miles)

merkins x 50

burpees x 10

Form a Line – Indian Run back to OP (.75 miles)

merkins x 50

Plank for 3 minutes – Left, Right, 6 inches

Partner up – Prairie Fire Mary (10L, 10C, 10R) – flapjack

Partner up – 50 yard drag across field there and back – rotate as needed

Mosey to playground:

pullups x 15

situps x 20

jump squats x 20

Mosey to parking lot – job well done boys, all finished


  • Calling all mall cops? Last I heard mall cop was going to run into Hydra today and run back to get his miles in. I guess he got himself lost in the tricky neighborhood streets or decided he would get his beauty sleep this fine Thursday morning.
  • Donkey Kong, one of our fearless leaders, remains on IR as he continues to recover from his running into a dog, or a ram, or a bear – whatever large and fast creature it was that challenged him to a match. Anyway, we did burpees in honor of DK today as he recovers. Get well buddy!
  • Welcome back to Zima, off the IR, and ready for more Hydra. He even brought his neighbor, 73-years young who we named Greyhound. Strong post Zima and Greyhound.
  • Excellent running today by many of the pax. Fletch and Frazier continue to blaze trails, and Gecko, Blitzen, and Hops showed some serious wheels as well. Others were flying by in blur style in the darkness so probably more names I should be mentioning for turning up the speed dial. Nice job to entire pax and to Long Distance, Fillmont, Greyhound for making the 1.5 mile indian run trip. Oh, can’t forget to call out Radar for attempting to run me over every sprint to front. I did say boogey to the front, but geez Radar.
  • Fillmont showed off a signature move, or sign, during the name -o-rama. One would think he is a member of some strange tribe, gang, or band of brothers – oh wait, he fits in just fine with this group we call F3.
  • Rumor has it that the Girls of Ballantyne (GOB) are calling the Fast Twitchers, Fast “twits”. This is locker posting material and will seemingly add to the challenge next Tuesday in the GOB vs Twitch races
  • Updated to include 50 merkins and 10 more burpees (thanks Hops and Champagne)


  • HDHH – hump day happy hour official launch at the Lodge was a success last night with 17 pax posting. Every Wednesday 6 PM, HDHH at either Vinters at Arboretum or Lodge at Colony Place. Come out of the gloom and socialize for a couple of hours. Get some good conversation on and relax. We are halfway through our work week!
  • Come out to a run at whitewater center. Family friendly. September 28, 2013 WWW.YLmudrun.COM
  • Two 3rd F work outs starting after labor day (Wed & Fridays) – launching Friday the 13th of Sept
  • Good prayer send off by Hops and pax prayers to family of Dolphin for loss of his mother in law


Hydra – bring the gloom

15 PAX posted for a workout that was pre-blasted as “prepare for motion”. Recognizing it has stayed darker longer in recent mornings, the Fall gloom is lurking now and reminded YHC that soon we will begin and end our workouts in the sweet dark gloom as the summer light is fading. To that YHC says “Bring the Gloom”. And to add to the beauty of the gloom there was a light misty rain dropping on us as we started our paintourage.

Warm Up:

1 Lap around track

Merkins x 25

Mosey to field behind school for COP:

SSH x 25

Merkins x 20

MC x 20

Diamond Merkins x 10

IW x 20

Merkins x 20

The Thang:

Time for some Motion:

Indian Run to Harris Teeter (.75 miles)

Merkins x 50

Indian Run back to Olde Providence (.75 miles)

Total Mileage: 1.5 miles

Mosey to field behind school:

Merkins x 20

Plank-o-rama for 3 minutes while wait for all to return from run

Mosey to Concessions:

30 x Dips

20 x Jump Ups/Step Ups

10 x Burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to Playground and Partner Up:

Old School Situps/Partner planks on feet x 25

Heels to Heaven x 30

Pull ups x 20

Rinse and Repeat

Mason Twist x 15

Mosey to Field behind School:

Sprint Field (50 yards) and Return

100 total yards

Circle Up


As promised, we moved. The PAX performed well under pressure. The Indian Run forces a good pace and the run from back to front sprint keeps the wheels turning at good clip. Nice job PAX. Way to go Philmont for pounding away and finishing strong!

There was some mumble chatter at the playground. YHC was accused of being too aggressive with the rep counts called out. I won’t name names (49er) but for those of us in mid-life form who are NOT built like long distance runners – some core work around the mid-section is needed.

There was also comic relief offered up by the PAX along the way and is the preferred method for pushing through the pain, as opposed to crying, whining, complaining, or anger. We actually had none of those but internally who knows what some of you are thinking. YHC thoughts are to stay positive and keep pushing.

Great group effort, great individual efforts and super to see new faces in the Hydra gloom. YHC actually recognized several folks from in and around OP neighborhood and Windyrush: Insomniac, Pudding Pop, Gordon Gecko – nice work and keep coming.

As usual, keep hydrating, modify where you have to, keep pushing, and keep coming back!

Strong send off by Iron Horse – respect and thank you!


1. New “Ascent” moderate intensity workout Saturdays 7 – 8 AM at Olde Providence Elementary

2. New 3rd F workouts – Wed & Fri mornings

3. HDHH (Hump Day Happy Hour) – Wednesdays at 6 – 7:30 PM – Arboretum @ Vintners Wine Market. Some of the PAX make break away for some fun and play elsewhere, but will always have landing spot. Some PAX went to Yo Yo Ma’s for cornhole games. All PAX welcome!


Covering some terrain, finding some pain at Hydra

Tiger Rag showing potential at young age

Tiger Rag showing potential at young age

30 men (3 FNG’s) posted and several Pax accepted the run to workout option. There was some exploring of the terrain as some ground was covered during this 45-minute expedition. Along the way we found merkins, hills, and more merkins.

The Thang with Bugeater on Q:

2 laps around track, Merkins x 25 at end of each lap

Jog to field behind school

Circle Up:

Side Straddle Hops x 25

Merkins x 20

Imperial Walkers x 25

Merkins x 20

Squats x 20

Wide Arm Merkins x 15

Mason Twist x 15

Diamond Merkins x 10

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary: Left x 10, Center x 10, Right x 10 – flapjack

Two line Indian 1/4 mile Run around School

Report to concessions area:

Circuit Work: 30-20-10′s

Dips x 30

Step Ups / Wall Jumps x 20

Burpees x 10

Rinse & repeat 2 times


Jog to football fields:

Partner Up: Partner Drag across field (50 yards) – Flapjack as often as needed, return to start

1/4 mile Run through Trails in woods

Partner Up for Hill Work:

Partner A: 1 city block hill climb, at top of hill merkins x 30

Partner B: Burpees x 5, Heels to Heaven x 10, Jump squats x 10

Flapjack, Rinse & repeat 2 times

Run back 1/2 mile to field behind school:

50 yard sprint x 2

The End

Mosey to parking lot for COT


– Monkey Joe closed out with BOM sendoff


-We are averaging mid-twenties to low-thirties turnout so glad this Thursday offering is making a difference and folks keep coming out to push themselves through the Hydra gloom. We stay on the move at Hydra and mix it up with the 3 headed Q’s (49er, Donkey Kong, YHC). Anyone ready to stand in and serve up an offering let any of us know and we will turn you lose for a workout, or 1/2 a workout.

-3 FNG’s posted. Welcome to the PAX – Vapor, Rentacop, and Abomb!  Has anyone seen that new FNG Mall cop brought out several weeks ago who disappeared mid-workout? We think the Hydra Monster may have eaten him. Mall Cop – what’s the end to that story? By the way, I may flex my Q muscles and perform a rename for rentacop. We have a Mall cop already, and since the last name screams ZZ Top we should go with one of their biggest hits, Legs! So welcome to rentacop rename Legs. If the name Legs happens to be taken, we will pick from the list of zz top songs for a fine replacement.

-The run/bike to workout is now a standard Hydra challenge during the warmer months. Those living more than 1 mile away can meet at the Food Lion in Candlewyck and run 1 mile to OPE.

-Remember we all have varying levels of experience. Do what you can, modify where you need, just keep coming back, and keep pushing yourself. Those that keep coming begin to crave more gloom.


-South Charlotte T-shirts are in. Mall Cop is handing out at workouts over next several days.

– 2nd F Pig Pickin with DJ – June 13, 2013 5-9 PM. Olde Providence Baseball Fields.  Bring Side Dish/Dessert, picnic style eating so bring blankets, chairs, bring own drinks, no alcohol bottles or cans (be discreet and bring in containers ready for drinking) Over 45 F3 families confirmed, so will be a huge showing. Raffle with prizes, Kickball, Cornhole, and Joker working on dance moves.

-F3 Camp at Camp Thunderbird August 16-18. Header has details and also is on website signup. Great event for dads and kids. Let’s sign up. This is offered to all of F3nation so people will be coming from all over. $80 per person for the weekend includes lodging.

Northface Pain, Sprinklers Rain at the Rock

26 PAX, including 3 FNG’s, came out to face high humidity for a Saturday morning downPAINment at the Rock with guest QIC’s Bugeater and Stagecoach. Congratulations to the 7 PAX that came out for pre-Rock weight training with Strange Brew.

The Thang

Bugeater Q

Run down to the soccer fields (100 yards)

Warm Up COP

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 25
  • Wide Arm Merkins x 20
  • Rockhoppers x 15
  • Diamond Merkins x 10


Indian Run soccer fields to Northface (.25 mile)

Partner Up for hill work

Partner A Burpees/Partner B runs up hill 5 merkins & come back down – flapjack x 3

Indian Run Northface back to soccer fields (.25 mile)

Sprint/Hill Work

Two Rounds of Sprint/Hill work at soccer fields:

  • sprint 40 yards to top of hill
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 20
  • sprint 40 yards back to start
  • Burpees x 10
  • Rinse & Repeat

Stagecoach Q

Pavilion Circuit

  • Dips x 20
  • Step ups x 20
  • Derkins x 20
  • Complete 3 rounds

Volleyball sand

  • Bear crawl
  • Crab walk
  • Wounded bear crawl x 2 (R/L)


  • Dolly x 20
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Partner leg throws x 10 R/C/L
  • Partner old school sit-ups and planks – As many as you      can 45 sec. each
  • LBC x 20

Hill Work

  • Parter 1 runs up hill 2x while partner 2 performs exercise.  Keep switching until you reach total as a team
  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Flutter (100 each leg)

Relay Race

  • Can’t help but notice that the sprinklers have been on the same field for the entire workout.  That would be a nice way to cool off!
  • 3 teams, approx. 100 yards each person
  • Thru the sprinklers!


Strong showing by the PAX today! The air was heavy, the sweat was pouring, and when pushed to limits, the PAX broke through. Nice Work and way to keep pounding.  There was a lot of motion in this full hour and the early Northface  battle got some rumblings and mumblings going. The chatter was cutdown  when pax began their Northface ascent and was replaced with gasps for air.

Great family showing with many 2.0’s and welcome to 3 FNG’s. FNG’s  were branded Slurpee (son of Big Gulp), Worm (enjoys vacations in Mexico and favors the tequila), and Loogie (uh, last name is Spitz – duh?) but some elders have stepped in and a rename of Loogie is in process.  Since he is an avid craft brewer the current trend is #corona, #coronalight, or a late-breaking possibility of #Phlegm. Welcome to the fun FNG’s and keep coming back. Great first F3 workout.

The grand finale with the sprinkler relays was a big hit and a fun way to finish off this pain handout. Nice idea Stagecoach!


  • Today is the Final F3 Dads day at Col. Francis Beatty Park from 9-10 AM (soccer, kickball, football)
  • July 4th convergence work out 7-8 AM at South Charlotte Middle School
  • Canada Day Base Camp on Monday – Strange Brew invites all to an unfriendly workout with a guest appearance by someone named Jack
  • Go Ruck Lite July 6th 7 AM. 4-5 hour beat down.  – contact Dora if interested
  • Prayers to Furley as he recovers from his stroke – keep fighting brother so we can see you back out in the gloom

Hydra delivers in usual Monster form

Strong showing of South Charlotte’s Thursday many headed monster workout Hydra. Right from the start this workout had the making for some hard work as we went right to track for laps and burpees. We ended with 110 burpees on the day and the pain was consistent through out.

26 men posted and YHC counted at least 5 pax who accepted the run/bike to workout option. Nice extra cardio/mileage bookends to your hydra pain!

The Thang:

Bugeater Q:

2 Laps around track, 10 burpees at end of each lap

Jog to rear parking lot of school

Side Straddle Hop x 25

Imperial Walkers x 15

Merkins x 20

Air Squats x 20

Carolina Dry Dock x 20

Jog to concessions (and not for the nachos)

Circuit Work: 30-20-10’s

Dips x 30

Step Ups / Wall Jumps x 20

Burpees x 10

Rinse & repeat 3 times


Jog to playground, and partner up.

Old School Situps x 25

Pullups x 10 (assisted or unassisted)

23 minute 1/2 way Q Switch – Here comes Donkey Kong

Mosey to field and circle up

25 Burpees on your own

Jack Webb Ladder (1 pushup x 4 arm raises) up from 1 to 8 (8 pushups x 32 arm raises)

25 Burpees on your own

Jack Webb Ladder down from 8 to 1 (Starting with 8 pushups x 32 arm raises and decreasing by units of 1 x 4)

Flutter Kicks x 30

Rosilita x 30

Bicycle x 30

Mosey to left side of field

Bear Crawl x 40 yards

10 Burpees on your own

Crab Crawl x 40 yards

Plank-O-Rama (Regular, Right Arm/Leg High, Regular, Left Arm/Leg High, Regular, Right/Left-Handed Balboas)

Lunge Walk x 40 yards

Attempted to do 10 Burpees on your own, but a general mutiny due to time overruled that exercise.

Mosey to parking lot for COT

*Total Burpee count for the morning = 110



-3 FNG’s posted. Welcome to the PAX – Maggot and Jelly Finger! I am sure folks will want to know the story behind those names I wanted no part of. That is the fun of it. We are sorry that our 3rd FNG disappeared. We think the Hydra Monster may have eaten him. Mall Cop will follow up to see if we can bring him back.

-Our favorite drink Zima return for a second Hydra showing after his FNG start last Thursday. Welcome back brother!

-Birdhole again made a showing at his Olde Providence Elementary alma mater. We won’t say what decade. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

-There was some fun-o-rama at the name game station today – good stuff. Q was turned by the PAX. Nice work group.

-The run/bike to workout is now a standard Hydra challenge during the warmer months. Those living more than 1 mile away can meet at the Food Lion in Candlewyck and run 1 mile to OPE.

-Let’s keep up the good numbers – keep coming back and remember we all have varying levels of experience. Do what you can, modify where you need, just keep coming back, and keep pushing yourself.

-Forgot to thank Mic Check in person for the work M Mic Check did with the news interview this week. Great to get some F3 run time and see our Rock work out leaders Mall Cop, Hops, and Run Stopper in the work out video and interviewed. Hops even went in studio to show off his TV skills. Thanks Mic Check!


-South Charlotte T-shirt orders upcoming. Two rounds of orders. Need 12 minimum each order. Mall Cop to send out email announcement and tweet it out. Thanks Mall Cop.

-Rain or Shine – 2nd F Pool Party – End of School/Start of Summer. June 8, 2013 6-9 PM. Candlewyck Pool/Clubhouse. Bring Dish/BYOB/Drinks, bring folding chairs. No Glass. M’s and 2.0′s welcome! (if lightning we will steer clear of the pool)

Hydra Monster Second Sighting

Strong second showing of South Charlotte’s Thursday many headed monster workout Hydra. 27 men posted and YHC counted at least 7 pax who accepted the run/bike to workout option. Way to add some healthy cardio/mileage bookends to your hydra pain!

The Thang:

Donkey Kong Q:

Jog to rear parking lot of school

Imperial Walkers x 25

Side Straddle Hop x 30

Merkins x 13

Jog to rear field

20 Burpees on your own

Jack Webbs (1 Merkins/4 arm raises) – Ladder up to 6 and back down.

Flutter Kicks x 30  with 2 10-count holds

Divide into 2 groups:

Group 1 runs around the school while Group 2 does continuos sets of 10 Merkins, 20 LBC’s, and 10 Mountain Climbers (each leg) until all of Group 1 returns.

Flapjack – Group 2 runs around school while Group 1 does the exercise sets.

Partner up and jog to track.

Merkin-Bear Crawl Partner Chase – Partner 1 begins bear-crawling around track while Partner 2 does 10 merkins and runs up to relieve Partner 1, who begins doing Merkins. Flapjack until both partners complete 1 lap.

Plank while all finish: Right Arm/Leg, Left Arm/Leg, Elbows, Right Hand Balboa from Elbow Plank, Left Hand Balboa from  Elbow Plank.

Bugeater Q:

Jog to concessions, but not for ice cream.

Circuit Training Time. Three sets of Wall Jumps x 20, Dips x 25 dips, Burpees x 10

Jog to playground, but not for playtime.

Partner up and more circuit. Two sets of Old School Situps x 20, Pullups x 10 (assisted or unassisted), Decline Merkins X 20

Jog to Soccer Fields

1 50 yard sprint and back



-So far the workouts have been high motion, with circuit training, track/run drills, core work.

-Enos first week F3 with 3 straight workout days. Strong start brother!

-Birdhole memory lane as he announced he was a student at Olde Providence Elementary in the 1960’s – that is awesome! R-E-S-P-E-C-T

-Nice follow up to the run/bike to workout challenge from launch week.  This is now a standard Hydra challenge during the warmer months. Those living more than 1 mile away can meet at the Food Lion in Candlewyck and run 1 mile to OPE.

-Introduced the wall that OPE has to offer, called out to be higher than your standard wall. Nice burn on wall jumps (modified as step ups for some)

-No FNG’s but we did have some F3’ers from metro liking the proximity to their homes come to OPE.

-Great two week Hydra numbers (29 + 27)… let’s keep it up!


-2nd F. Pool Party – End of School/Start of Summer. June 8, 2013 6-9 PM. Candlewyck Pool/Clubhouse. Bring Dish/BYOB. M’s and 2.0’s welcome!

-3rd F.The Compass Fridays at 0630-0715 at Chick-Fila at the Arboretum. Stone Cold and Hops on Q.

-Prayers to the families of Matlock & Bulldog