Frost Advisory Ignored at DMZ

Frost Advisory Ignored at DMZ

19 pax happily ignored the Frost Advisory and showed up at DMZ. There was interest in getting a move on and the workout went something like this.


Mosey to church to circle up:

  • IWx15
  • Burpeesx2
  • MCx15
  • Burpeesx4
  • PParkerx15
  • Burpeesx6
  • Lungex10
  • Burpeesx8
  • mason twistx15
  • Burpeesx10

Half speed tempo half-mile to Carmel Middle School (jump squatsx10 each speed bump)

Jump Squats x 10 each basketball goal (4) to Back of school


The Ladder: Behind School 50-yard There and Back Pyramid Ladder (HTH, JS, FM, CDD), same 4 exercises each side. There 5, Back 10, there 15, Back 20…15, 10, 5

Plank-o-Rama while we wait

The Lifting: Mosey to Rock Pile – lifting rock for sit ups, bicep curls, tricep extension x 20 – 2 sets

Partner Up: Partner A full speed tempo run around school, Partner B Hand release merkins – flip flop

Plank-o-Rama while we wait

Half speed tempo half-mile back to Carmel Park (jump squatsx10 each speed bump)

To Church – find short wall for dips, Derkins, Stepups x 10 – 2 sets

back to start to do protractor and run out the clock

count-o-Rama 1,2,3..19


Announcements –  a little workout occurs same place (Carmel Park) on Wednesdays called Governator – come on out

Great prayer takeout – thank you (prayers for Flinn family and Liam , and Hamlet who has been sidelined for a bit) – let’s focus on the positives in life!


Thanks Aquafresh for the opportunity to lead.  HIPAA extra credit earned on burpees over hand release merkins on partner loop.  Sloppy seconds war baby, The Tantrum war daddy. Good effort by some good dudes. Iron sharpened. Make it an awesome week and go do some good. MLB World Series (Red Sox-Dodgers) first pitch is Tuesday night in pitchers duel of Sale v Kershaw.

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5 years ago

Nice Q out there today. A little frosty, but didn’t hear any complaining about the weather. Good 2nd F all the way around.

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