Stinko de Mayo at Base Camp

Stinko de Mayo at Base Camp

15 pax made the good decision to start the week with a post.

Parking lot circle sweeper run.

Circle up for 10 times each exercise: SSH, IW, HB, PP, PP, LIP, MT. In between 2 burpees OYO.

1/2 speed to park, 4 stops on way to do DM, WAM, M, HRM

To Soccer field for some foggy field work: Plank while get instructions for the Pyramid Ladder: same 4 exercises at each sideline. Start the other side. HTH, OSSU, JS, CDD 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 – MC when done

Run back, four stops: DM, WAM, M, HRM

Plank while wait


Prayer Take out Thunder

As Boss Hogg said it best, birthdays and every day we get is better than the alternative. Amen brother!

Thanks for chance to lead jello and thunder. Have a great week gentlemen.

Workout title originates from a pain station on way to park. No one claimed the foul odor so we will go with dead animal in the bushes. My money is on spackler.

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