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Welcome Back Start, Hard 6 End at Day Zero

The ole Saturday morning routine for the F3 faithful. 17 pax crawled out of their beds after finishing a week of work to start the weekend off right, as a band of brothers out for some iron sharpening in the gloom. Dusting off the cobwebs that go with 103 days out of the gloom YHC pulled into the parking lot of McAlpine Elementary with that feeling of anticipation and adrenaline that goes with leading a workout and carrying out the mission of F3.   The airwaves were filled with the sounds of ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ as the pax had their own agenda and plan for welcoming back YHC to conclude a week of kotter shout outs on twitterland in this event dubbed #bugvergence. Strange  Brew was overly ready to co-Q and the workout went something like this:

PRE-RUN launch at 0630 by at least the following: Hairball, The Mouth, Spackler (others raise your hand in comments)

Q Jack by Strange Brew at a prearranged 0657 start to throw off a bewildered YHC at the reality of leading the 2nd half.

[Strange Brew authoring start] 1 lap around the field

COP: 5 Burpees OYO, 30 IC SSH, 15 IC Merkins, 10 IC LSS, 10 IC Hands in Front LSS, 20 IC Mountain Climbers, 20 IC CDD’s

Count off and Partner up, Partner A on one side of the field, Partner B on the other

Bear Crawl to meet in the middle, then 50 Merkins between the pair, Mosey back

Crabwalk to meet in the middle, then 50 Squats between the pair, Mosey back

Lunge walk to meet in the middle, then 50 LBC’s between the pair, Mosey to set up cones

The Rock crowd finally shows up

Count off in 5’s, Each number take a station at an orange cone.

Round 1 The cone in the middle is 5 burpees each time, the cones on the corners were 20 reps of Merkins, CDD’s, LBC’s, Mountain Climbers

Round 2 is 10 Squats in the middle, with 15 reps of the above

Mosey to the cars for the impromptu water break as Q’d by Prohibition (a Day Zero tradition?)

FINALLY Hand off to the Bugeater for the main event:

Great sport, had fun, welcome Bugeater back and he was as gracious as ever in the “planned” Q Jack. [Strange Brew authoring end]

Second half lead (of a much simpler Wienke than my counterpart) by YHC:

Wall of bench for 30-20-10s: Dips x 30, Jump ups/step ups x 20, Standing long jump x 10

Rinse & Repeat Wall of Bench, Plank while you wait

Find a partner and mosey to touchstone shopping center parking lot for starting point.

Partner A loop right, Partner B loop left (.7 miles around the block), meet back at starting point for 100 total combined partner merkins.

Rinse & Repeat .7 mile Loop (As and Bs switch direction) and do 100 combined squats at meet up.

Plank while you wait (The 5 Rock crew peeled off at this point to compete their 1 mile voyage back to their stomping grounds)

Prairie Fire Mary L,C,R x 10 (watch out for sweat missiles and Radar’s junk)

The remaining 17 Mosey back through woods to circle up:

Protractor of various degrees 90, 45, 90, 20, 90, 20, 90, 45, 20

Due to my Q partner with a scheme and a hijack plan, the three minutes jump start at 0657 was bonus time that translated into a halftime water break and a complimentary Plank to the final buzzer totaling 1 minute 45 seconds. #shakyarms

Count o Rama 1…17

[Q fail on the recording device at the ready]

Name o Rama starting with Spackler…War Baby Dear Abby at 27 years old (hate) and War Daddy Iron Horse at 54 years young (respect) with all others filing in between of these two fine book ends.

Announcements: Limited, but Southern Discomfort is next week and Blue Ridge Relay may have a couple of roster spots to fill.

Take out by Skywalker (big thanks Sky), especially liked the part where you welcomed back Strange Brew. Give me a few more workouts to earn back some street cred, I get it.


From the approximately 30-40 tweets heating up the Day Zero Tweetboard this week there was much comic relief and carefully planned non-sense in the many 140 characters call outs. Mentions of well deserved Kotter label combined with all that goes with a dude who thinks he can lead a group of well trained stallions readying for Southern Discomfort and Blue Ridge Relays. YHC last work out of April 13 at a DMZ workout led by Hops left me ready to get the first half handled and out of the way. The Q jack was carefully planned and 10 or so pax had a hand in that and the Welcome Back Kotter tunes playing loudly as YHC walked onto the scene. Thanks Tiger Rag and Strange Brew for your part in jump starting and architecting much of this non-sense. The tweets of crazy people cheese rolling, train wrecking, broken treadmill running, Mr. Big (Bug) hairband singing #KotterQ #bugvergence – all landed well and were much deserved.

Big thanks to Prohibition and Hairball for letting YHC and Strange Brew take the reigns of their Day Zero. Funny story is their email reminder and persistent Twitter messaging caught YHC by surprise as Strawberry Fruity Drink (with complimentary tiny umbrella) #3 had taken hold while bathing in the sun on the beach of Hilton Head Island. At that moment anything seemed possible and leading a group of dudes in a Saturday workout seemed like child’s play so I quickly replied “I got this” – even as Strange Brew began to volunteer The Mouth in anticipation that I may be unable to perform.

The Q jack was quite the surprise but in retrospect much deserved and added to the fun. Glad to oblige. I must also give most props to Strange Brew for putting together an awesome well planned  workout. I  have heard you have been strong and active out there Brew and considering I was at your first workout and have seen you turn into this workout beast it is always a privilege to partner with you. You gave me headline and stood by this #bugvergence non-sense, but all I did was use a bench and a city block. Your half smoked us and got us primed for what I had left to dish out.

I hear that Spackler was a man possessed on the Partner Runs and I was so far back to know who else should get recognized (call out in Comments). I do know from the rumblings that the second run was not a fan favorite and those hills on the second turns were awfully hurtful, especially for our 5 Rock brothers who had to get back on their 1-mile route back to The Rock stomping grounds of Calvary. Strong mileage to you all!

Hard 6 comes from Coffeeteria following the workout and due to fogginess of what exactly went down I can only say several pax and a very fit female were involved…comments welcomed. I will say one of the most troubling activities was the Mouth trying to act manly and explain the pink drink he was slurping that was supposedly called the pink passion. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Hope deadlift found his car keys at Coffeeteria as his M with 2.0’s had to come Uber him out of there.

Again, great to see everyone of you who came out. This is exactly what makes F3 work.

Brew & Bug

If you got it, flaunt it at Ascent

So the bugeater mobile came in hot on 2 wheels after its long approximately 10 block journey to the turf at Olde Providence Elementary school. When the smoke settled and the crew were rest assured that their Q had arrived to lead them, 9 pax began what would be a most memorable hour that went something like this:

Warm Up Lap on Track (high knees, butt-kickers)

Skywalker mumbled

Circle Up: SSHx25, DISCLAIMER PROVIDED, MCx20, Merkinsx15

Skywalker chattered

Mosey to Playground and partner up: 2 rounds of Situpsx25(partner plank on feet), partner assisted pullupsx10

Skywalker told a joke (at least he thought it was funny)

Mosey to Concessions: 2 rounds of 30/20/10s (30 dips, 20 jump ups/step ups, 10 burpees) – plank while wait

Skywalker talked some more

Mosey to football fields: Karaoke Left 50 yards, Karaoke Right 50 yards

Skywalker said this

Merkin Ladder: There and Backs: Run 20 yards there, 10 Merkins, Run 20 yards back, 9 Merkins…down to 1

Skywalker said that

On Six for some core: Freddy Mercury x 25, Protractor of various degrees for 2 minutes

Somebody else actually said something before Skywalker did

1/2 mile Mosey to and through Forest of OP

Skywalker made some mention of man breasts (thus appropriately named title of this back blast)

Up and Over Benches x 8 with Carolina Dry Dockx10  at each end (3 rounds)

Skywalker discussed the legalities of real estate and how it really is not legal to re-enter a home even though you once owned it as this is NOT Nebraska and QIC’s idea of entering old home to drink OJ from fridge would be technically breaking and entering. Geez. We ain’t in Nebraska any more!

Mosey to Olde Providence Foxworth and Queensberry for Top and Bottom work. Heels to Heaven x 20 (Bottom) return to top for Dollyx10 (2 rounds)

Skywalker conversed

1/4 mile American Line Run back to forest entrance, Merkins x 10

Skywalker discussed

Mosey through forest and back to Parking Lot

At request of Skywalker as his idea of best use of remaining 30 seconds, Burpees x 10

Count-o-rama: 1,2,3..9


Ball of Man – take out by who would you think? Skywalker indeed. Actually very solid prayer and words Skywalker, great words for this big Easter weekend.


We traveled most parts of the terrain offered up at OP. The pax were lively and ready for a packed hour. About 40 minutes in we informed it was a 2 hour workout. There was immediate mumble chatter, refusenik speak, and talks of mutiny began to rise through the ranks. After listening to reason, and wanting to live, QIC pulled the idea back and settled back down to the normal one hour format. I would not want management to get a phone call as I may lose my QIC job.

Great to see Strange Brew as he claimed we had not done a workout together for a long time. Part because there are so many A51 workouts and part because I have been a lazy, no good, pax with claims of hurt back, stomach bugs, pink eye, bulging disc, IT band (oh that’s Mall cops excuse), crooked eye, gimp, hang nail, nipple reduction surgery. Anyhow, all excuses aside because High Tide just wasn’t having it and said “Bugeater you will show up and Q Ascent or else I will make you golf with me at the F3 Golf tournament in April.”

63-year old War daddy New Trick was amazing out there. Some modifications but dude rocked the pull ups and showed off some great fitness. Also Blue Bomber showed true grit and determination. FNG last week and 3 workouts this week and the man is as motivated guy you will meet. He is also an executive recruiter so bring your resumes fellas. Sid the Kid informed this was as much running as he has done in a long, long time. He also troopered along and we as one pax, started and finished together. “Easy in the front” said QIC, “this is a moderate intensity workout”. Its hard to hold Swiss Miss and Strange Brew back, they are like stallions.

Last is there any statute on renames. I really don’t like having to call Tootie, “Tootie”. It just is not manly to say, little own have to carry it along with you to every workout. Perhaps we can inquire the the grand poobahs of F3, or at least we can call Tiger Rag.

Anyhow, this moleskin better find its ending. My fingers hurt. The after party at Starbucks found Spackler looking about as bad as I have ever seen him, which is not saying too much. Looks like he literally just came from a party. What social circles do you run in Spack?

Thanks Brew and High Tide for the opportunity to lead this motley crew today. It was about as much fun to start a weekend as a guy can have at 7 AM Saturday morning.


Prayers for Zip

Convergence next Saturday April 11, 2015 at Olde Providence – 7-8 AM all Saturday sites (due to Mud Run) Swiss Miss one of the Q’s

One soggy foggy pyramid at Death Valley

22 PAX carved their way through the fog to arrive at South Charlotte Middle School Parking lot where it appeared about 5-6 Pax were doing pre-KB workout. At exactly 0530 the workout began and went something like this.

Merkins x 50 then plank while waiting

Run to Track and Circle up in field (SSH x 25, IW x 25, MC x 25)

On the Track (2 laps – 800) in 3:00-3:30 and Merkins x 25, rinse a repeat (that’s a quick mile for those keeping track)

The THANG: There and Back Pyramid (4 exercises at each side)

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 5 –

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 10 – THERE

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 15 – BACK

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 20 – THERE

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 15 – BACK

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 10 – THERE

Burpees, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven x 5 – BACK

Plank Walk x 25 yards LEFT, Plank Walk x 25 yards RIGHT

Circle Up on Your Six: Protractor of varying degrees, Mason Twist x 15, Freddie Mercury x 30

Partner Wheelbarrow x 50 yards (flap jack as often as needed) THERE

Partner Wheelbarrow x 50 yards (flap jack as often as needed) BACK

Uh, is it too late for the disclaimer: “I am not a professional, modify as you need, if you must…”

Mosey to the Wall – 1:30 minutes includes Air Press x 30

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

Prayer Send off by Semigloss – great words!


My first Q at Death Valley was a good one. Thanks for the opportunity. My goal was to put together kind of an awful workout. The reps we got in today were smoker worthy and hopefully the shoulders, arms, legs, chest are feeling good today. A lot of good pax out there today. There was some mumble chatter but overall we all stayed together the whole workout as we kept to the track and field for the majority of the 45 minutes. I forgot to record the name o rama but got the majority. The 3 un-named pax please reply below…Hannibal did I see you out there?


Hit Indianland for Mud Run Training

Sign up for F3 Golf event scheduled for April 30

Thoughts and Prayers to Zip as he recovers. He has moved out of ICU.

Pax brave slush at Hydra

[posted on behalf of Blades of Glory]

4 pax braved slush and ignored the call of the FS to stand up to the latest “winter storm”

Q-NA so BOG seized the moment for VQ

SSH x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Run around OP Elementary to benches

Derkins x 20
Dips x 20
Jump Squats x 20
Rinse & Repeat

Run to Wall in front of OP (covered, dry)
Wall Sit w/ Overhead Presses x 20
Wide Arm Merkins x 20
Carolina Dry Docks x 20
Rinse & Repeat
10 Burpees

Run around fields in back of OP Elementary “Grand Tour”
Round of Mary
LBCs x 20
Russian Twist x 20
Flutter x 20
Rosalita x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
HTH x 20
10 Burpees

Run around back of OP Elementary to Playground
10 Pull-ups
10 Derkins
10 Prison Squats
Rinse & Repeat

Run back around school to “shelter”
Burpees x 10
“Soldier Walk”
Goose Steps (touching opposite foot with hand) x 15 steps
Knee Grab x 15 steps
Quad Pull x 15 steps
Burpees x 10
LBCs x 20
Russian Twist x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Burpees x 10

Discussion about the fact that BOG, Curd and Chico seem to be snow day posters

Speculation about the “blood thinning effect” of moving South

Curd represented the Tundra with signature shorts

BOG wore no watch (it’s “snow time”) so Cheese Curd provided timekeeping assistance, much obliged.

Heating up at Hydra in single digit temps

4 pax refused the warm bed and brought their swagger to OP Elementary.

Merkins x 30

Indian Run to Business Building next to Harris Teeter (.75 miles)

Merkins x 30

Find a lifting rock

Bicep Curls x 10 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Overhead Press x 15 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Low Slow Squats x 20 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Rotate the Big Rock

Bicep Curls x 15 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Low Slow Squats x 20 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Bicep Curls x 12 – run a 400 meter loop (to subway thru Walgreens drive thru and back)

Mosey to Business Parking Lot for Station 1

Zig Zig there for 70 yards, touchdown to line 25 times (good low squat form)

Burpees x 10

Zig Zig there for 70 yards, touchdown to line 25 times (good low squat form)

Circle Up, On Your Six

Freddy Mercury (Bicycle) x 50

Protractor various degrees for 2 minutes (ouch)

Over to Station 2:

5 Merkin Sandwich:

5 Merkins, 20 yards, 5 mary katherines, 20 yards 5 jump squats, 20 yards, 5 merkins

5 Merkins, 20 yards, 10 mary katherines, 20 yards 10 jump squats, 20 yards, 5 merkins

5 Merkins, 20 yards, 15 mary katherines, 20 yards 15 jump squats, 20 yards, 5 merkins

5 Merkins, 20 yards, 10 mary katherines, 20 yards 10 jump squats, 20 yards, 5 merkins

Rock Carry Overhead Press and Return Rock

Indian Run back to OP Elementary

Circle of Trust for

Count o Rama – 1,2,3,4


Prayer Send off by Snowflake – great words


Flutie Flakes returns from -30 in Vermont and thought this was a walk in the park. He considered shorts and tank top. Nuke brought it back out for 4th straight week since his Hydra FNG start a month ago. Strong brother, He is training for a Spartan race on April 12. We informed him of the double down possibility with Mud Run. Snowflake showing off his war daddy style and posting in the single digits for a taste of CSAUP.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Flutie Flakes hard committed (the way I see it) to taking a shot at Q so I will be adding him into the rotation. He is ready and I am sure he will put together a good one.

I suppose folks read my twitter disclaimer last night and thought better of the cold that wasn’t that cold. We were layered up. Follow Hydra on Twitter at #f3Hydra for hydra mumble chatter and pre-workout tweets. Also follow @f3Area51 for all the south charlotte F3 tweets and news.


Commitment workout March 7 – reported by Snowflake and will be a convergence – be there

Mud run Sign ups – See Madam Tussauds with questions

Prayer for Zip as he recovers, thoughts and prayers brother!

Runstoppered at Hydra

10 pax post for runstopper shoulder smoker

The Thang which consisted of much of this and a lot of that

Burpees x 10


It’s complicated at Hydra

Well, it looked pretty good on the napkin…11 pax showed up to Olde Providence Elementary and it went something like this…

1 lap around track (bkickers, high Knees, Karaoke Left, karaoke Right)

Mosey to Circle up on Field behind school:

SSH x 30

Carolina Dry Dock x 15

IW x 20

Hillbilly x 20

Exercise is called Four Corners. This is where it got complicated for about 30 seconds. When it takes more than 30 seconds to explain the exercise you may have made it too complicated. Note to self.

Form teams in groups of 3. This way you can stay together. You will have to find your partner at the track or at the field. The school runner will always go to track. The track will go to field. The field will become school runner.

Partner 1) station 1 track – 4 corners – merkin variations, wide, regular, diamond, regular x 10

Keep going until school running partner finds you.

Partner 2)  station 2 field behind school – bear crawl long side, crab walk short sides

Keep going until track partner finds you.

Partner 3) run lap around OP, 5 burpees at 4 corners of school

School runner goes to track, track always goes to field, field always becomes school runner.

Mosey to Lot next to basketball courts:

Partner 1 mountain climbs – side A

Partner 2 plank walks

Partner 3 jump squats – side B

2 rounds

Mosey to Cross street to Wesley Church to get a big non-running rock:

Bicep Curls x 10

Overhead press x 10

Tricep extension x 10

Low Slow Squats x 10

Cross street back to OP playground to pull-up area:

Partner 1:

30-20-10  (dips, step ups burpees)


Partner 2:

Pull-ups x 5, Merkins x 1

Pull-ups x 4, Merkins x 2

Pull-ups x 3, Merkins x 3

Pull-ups x 2, Merkins x 4

Pull-ups x 1, Merkins x 5

Rotate with partner 3

Partner 3:

Freddy Mercury x 10

LBC x 10

Heels to heaven x 10



Mason Twist x 10

Protractor of various degrees some kind of Pilates mumble chatter)

FLutter x 20

Count-o-rama (1,2,3…11)


Prayer Send off (ball o man) – by YHC


Yep, when plotting the workout it seemed like I was getting a bit ambitious. I figured I would try it anyway. It did work out. There was a serving of pain in the gloom this morning. We offered up good shoulder, core, legs, lungs, back and arms. No muscles left behind program going here. From the sound of the chatter it proved to be a good time well spent. Pax got moneys worth. It was great to see 316 and Nuke back from their FNG posts last Thursday at Hydra. Welcome back gents. Strong output today.

Donkey Kong was his usual self, “sir, why don’t you call 100 burpees now” “sir, can we scale the olde Providence school building and do burpees on the roof for a while” Sir, I bet I can touch the top of the flag pole”. He did mention he will turn 29 in March so the man is closing in on his 30’s. Good stuff and always awesome having DOnkey Kong at Hydra. We started this site together May 2013. A whole lot of workouts later…

I think Chico or Flutie Flakes called out some Pilates business on the protractors. Hey boys, we do it all. WHen we start out with Hillbillies you just never know what will be next.

I did see some tired pax out on the field part of 4 corners. The bear crawls and the crab walks were fan favorites for sure.

Props to Lost Weekend for running in from Chadwycke.

Chico will be out next week in New Orleans. Seems Mardi Gras is a great time of year for an attorney convention. Also great carbo loading for Corporate Cup Run waiting upon your return.


Blue Ridge Sign ups (see weekly A51 email)

Mudrun SIgn ups  (see weekly A51 email)

Annual A51 Report Posted and available in Weekly Email from last week

Sid the Kid welcomed at Ascent

6 pax started but 7 pax finished what would prove to be a hearty 60 minutes of workout that went like:

To track: 1 Lap (High Knees, Butt kicker, top of track SSH x 20, High Knees, Karaoke Left, Butt Kickers, bottom of track Mountain Climbers x 20, High Knees, Karaoke Right)

50 Merkins On Your Own

Line Up: 4/5 mile Indian Run to Business Building By Harris Teeter

15 Wide Arm Merkins In Cadence

3 Stations in Parking Lot

STATION 1: 50 Yard Zig Zags (25 good squats touch the lines) – PLANK exercises while we wait

STATION 2: 50 Yard Merkin Sandwich There and Back Ladders  20 yards Mary Katherines, 20 yards squats (5’s, 10’s, 15’s, 10’s, 5’s) – PLANK exercises while we wait

STATION BREAK – CIRCLE UP ON YOUR 6: Flutter x 40, Protractor Various Degrees for 90 seconds

STATION 3: 50 Yard Heel To Heaven There and Back Ladders with Jump Squats in Middle (15 HTH each side with 5,10,15,10,5 Jump Squats) – PLANK exercises while we wait

Line Up: 4/5 mile Indian Run back to Olde Providence Elementary

Upon return Welcomed FNG “The Kid” waiting in OP parking lot who we found had arrived at 0709 who we gave credit for sticking around for 25 minutes and jumped in and finished with us. He was head locked by Strange Brew (after months of SB persistence – way to go brother)

CIRCLE UP ON YOUR 6: Dolly x 25

To the school building for Peoples Chair for 3 minutes with 25 Air presses

To the benches for steps ups / jump ups x 20

To the monkey bars for pull-ups x 20 on your own and Old fashion situps x 20

To the concessions for Dips x 30 and Burpees x 10 (2 sets)

Return to parking lot for COT

Count-o-rama (1,2…7)



Cold again! That is a lot of consecutive cold mornings this week. After about 15 minutes of movement we were warm and in good form. Ascent offered up a great opportunity for 7 of us to get a workout in that focused on legs, core, shoulders/chest. Great work. Thanks to High Tide for the opportunity to lead. We got an energy boost with “the kid” joining us at mid-way with his upbeat attitude and readiness to learn what F3 was about.

I’ll have an extra helping of cold please – at Hydra


Ten pax (1 FNG) made their way bravely out of the warmth of their homes to the freezing outdoors and the parking lot at Olde Providence  to participate in the 45-minutes of wienke planned by YHC. There were twitter promises of movement considering the situation at hand. It all went something like this…

“I am not a professional disclaimer” at the risk of Q jack for not moving and disclaiming simultaneously as the pax teeth were chattering mighty loud at the starting bell. Lead regained, confidence restored, and off we went into the gloom…

.10 mile Run to bus lot


SSH x 25, jump squats x 15

.10 mile Run to track

Partner Up: Catch Me If You Can – Bear Crawl Partner A, 10 merkins Partner B (1 long lap)

.75 mile Indian run to business lot next to Harris Teeter

Plank walk / start & end – jump squats x 15 , Mark Katherines x 15

Merkin ladder (50 yard) there and backs 10 there, 9 back… down to 1

50-yard Line runs across lot (zig zags)

Burpees x 10

.75 mile Indian run back to OP

Playground for exercises (pull-ups x 20, situps x 30)

Concessions for 30-20-10 (Dips, Step Ups, Burpees)

.2 mile run back to start for circle up

Mason Twist x 15

That’s a wrap!

Count-o-rama : 1,2,3..10


Solid send off prayer by Iron Horse – and words could not be more true. Lord has blessed us all with our strength and abilities and health and we shall use it to do good.


So Chico must be good. He gets his buddy AJ out for an FNG post on the coldest day of the winter thus far in Charlotte.  AJ works with Cindy of Metro (and running fame) and Chico tried to stick his buddy with a supermodel name to be consistent with Cindy. Makes sense right. Pax actually went soft on the man as he posted in this arctic blast so we naturally landed on Olaf from movie Frozen. That only seemed appropriate.

I was happy to see 10 pax today with this weather and happy to lead once again. Privileged to do so. Thanks. I think we covered 3.1 miles on the day and did our own little frozen 5k with some sprinkles of shoulders, chest, and arms compliments of merkins, planks, burpees, and bear crawls.

2015 is off to a great start for F3 Area 51 and hopefully you all are ready and re-energized to make this an awesome year. Set some goals, do some races/events, stay motivated, and be sure to get some 2nd or 3rd F if you are called to it. Lots of opportunities.


Joe Davis 5k this weekend, Saturday, – sign up!

Runstopper on Q for Ascent on Saturday if you are not doing Joe Davis run – moderate workout with Stopper at the help. Boy, I got to see this.

Chico seeking 10th man for the Palmetto 200 run in the Spring – if you want to be part of this hybrid metro/A51 team call Prius then let him know. Cheese Curd, Slim fast, and others on board so you know it will be fun time. Need a 10th man. It’s like a BRR without the mountains. That’s more like it!

Impromptu group of pax showing up to Arboretum Cinebarre to watch Unbroken tonight at 7:30 PM showtime. You are welcome to join.




It takes 2 to make it outta sight at Ascent



The pax gathered in the somewhat chilly and really wet Saturday gloom. I arrived to see High Tide rocking some tunes and swinging not one, not two, but three kettle bells in some form of mad man pre-Ascent KB circuit training. All two of us began what would be an hour of fun. The story goes something like this.

To Track: 1 Lap (1/2 butt kicks, 1/2 high knees)

Merkins x 50

Run 1-mile past Harris Teeter to Business Building next door:

Merkins x 50

3 Stations behind office building (parking lot):

#1: 60 yard zig zags (touch the line) x 2

#2: 60 yard burpee sandwich

1 burpees, 20 yards, 5 squats, 20 yards, 5 Mary Katherines, 20 yards, 2 burpees

3 burpees, 20 yards, 10 squats, 20 yards, 10 Mary Katherines, 20 yards, 4 burpees

5 burpees, 20 yards, 15 squats, 20 yards, 15 Mary Katherines, 20 yards, 4 burpees

3 burpees, 20 yards, 10 squats, 20 yards, 10 Mary Katherines, 20 yards, 2 burpees

1 burpees, 20 yards, 5 squats, 20 yards, 5 Mary Katherines, 20 yards

#3: 60 yard merkin sandwich

10 merkins, 30 yards, 5 jump squats, 30 yards, 10 merkins

10 merkins, 30 yards, 10 jump squats, 30 yards, 10 merkins

10 merkins, 30 yards, 15 jump squats, 30 yards, 10 merkins

10 merkins, 30 yards, 20 jump squats, 30 yards, 10 merkins

1-mile run back to Olde Providence Elementary

Merkins x 50

To Playground for (30 Dips, 20 Step Ups, 10 Pull-ups)

To Concession Stand Peoples Chair for Two Minutes – arm raises x 20 in cadence

To Football Fields for:

50-yard Karaoke Right, 50-yard Karaoke Left

20 Count

50-yard backward run, 50-yard forward run

100-yard sprint at 80% x 2

20 count

Through Outdoor Classroom to Foxworth Hill

Heels to Heaven x 20 – Bottom of Hill

Dollys x 20 – Top of Hill

1/2 mile run to parking lot

Circle Up:

Last minute: Flutters x 20

Count off 1,2


Whoops, forgot send off prayer. Lord bless us, thank you, and make us stronger in all ways.


It is something about my Q days at Ascent. The cold wet mornings keeps some pax away and today we were competing with a big ceremonial send off at The Rock after it’s near 2 1/2 years of existence being ran by site charter members Runstopper, Hops, and Mall Cop. They are to be commended as that site has been absolutely exactly what it is named, the Rock. Great work gentlemen.  Good luck to Gummy and Hopper as they will carry the site lead going forward.

Enjoyed the 2nd F element of this workout today High Tide. We covered most of the AO offered up at Olde Providence. We went shopping, went into OP neighborhood, ran on football field, climbed on playground, went to concession

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.


A51 Holiday Party Tonight – see you all there, bring cash for raffle and cans for Calvary Church Food Drive!