Hydra At 98 Percent

Hydra At 98 Percent

20 pax. 70 degrees awesome. Fog brought low visibility. 98% humidity. 2.7 miles covered.

A lot of A51 pax circa 2013 rejoined the gloom at today’s workout that went something like this:

“It’s been 3 years since I’ve led a Hydra workout” – Bugeater

“we don’t care.” – Spackler

That’s a wrap on dude sentimentality for the morning. Hey this is the gloom. We had stuff to do.

disclaimer was said, be careful, modify as needed, don’t sue anyone over this workout.

Track for warmup lap with assortment of high knees and buttkickers

circle up at field for SSH x 15, IW x 15, HB x 15, RH x 10

Next is 20 yard merkin ladder (1…10…1) for those counting that’s 100 merkins and ~400 yards

Mosey to Windyrush & Rea (plank)

Indian Run to Foxworth (R) past Bedfordshire

The Bedfordshire-Queensberry Partner Half Pipe: start in valley, partners go opposite direction, to stops signs and back. whenever meet partner 10 squats and turnaround and go back the way you came – continue until 5 partner meet ups

Indian Run to Windyrush (L) back to Rea (plank)

mosey to church rock pile – grab lifting rock:

curls, presses, squat thrusters x 10

mosey back to launch point

on six for six minutes of Mary (heels to heaven, American hammer, flutter, dolly, Freddy mercury)

burpees x 10 in cadence


count off 1..20, name off


1. some brewery crawl/run (ask Gummy)

2. sign up deadline is End of August for Crane Relays at the end of October

Great take out prayer by Mad, thanks brother!


Thanks for the pax that came out today. I reached out to several pax as I was game planning last weekend. Many BRR, go ruck, mud run teammates.  Donkey Kong appropriately named this workout Hydra as he called us the three headed monster as 49er, Kong, and I launched the first Thursday in May of 2013.  I carried the torch to Pudding Pop in April 2015. Now Marge and Queen have this place running like a boss, 260+ Hydra workouts later. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It was humid wet out and the 1/2 mile Indian Run to and from the half pipe brought some mumble chatter. High Tide came strolling in with a 22 lb weight vest to demonstrate his usual Thursday preference is Meathead were they lug weights around and make caveman sounds. Seriously kudos there High Tide!  Hannibal ran farthest to post at 2.2. Nice work! Also great to see Hairball at 5:10 coming down Rea during my pre-run. He had early start so no time to fit in a boot camp. For the workout most everyone did most everything. Refuseniks on some stuff by those choosing to modify and spare their hurting parts. Great to be back in the gloom as a regular. Keep posting fellas and getting guys back out. This early morning workout thing is good livin.

Just remember Spackler, anybody can be cool…but awesome takes practice.

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5 years ago

Seems I’ve taught you well Bug. FTR, it wasn’t “we don’t care” it was “WHO CARES”.

Wasn’t going to miss this one. Gloss didn’t make it 4 min b4 blessing us with his bare chest. It’s really something. Fun times. Gummy smells nice.

5 years ago

Solid Q Bugeater, good to see some old Area 51 faces in the gloom (it was really gloomy). KOTTERS to 49er. Glad Semi Gloss put his shirt back on during the half-pipe. The Indian run was unsavory but harkens back to old school Area 51 workouts. Champagne was suprisingly silent about form during the merkin ladder or ladder merkin. He did recall that you were the Q at his first F3 workout at Hydra.

High Tide
5 years ago

Nice old school Q, Bug! Glad to have you regularly back in the gloom, and thanks for the heads-up of your Q today. Good to see a bunch of old faces together in one place. I believe I was at that inaugural launch of Hydra or very soon thereafter – about 2 months into my F3 journey, I still had that new smell and boyish looks. What happened?!

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