2022 SCLT Passport Challenge BB

2022 SCLT Passport Challenge BB

The obligatory South Charlotte 2022 Passport Challenge Recap from the 2022 Champion.


The Warm Up:

Patented warmup to guaranteed for a Passport Challenge victory.

Day 1 – 0 Posts à Holiday Travel

Day 2 – 0 Posts à Lord’s Day of Rest

Day 3 – 0 Posts à Fartsack due to the potential of cold unfrozen precipitation

Day 4 – 1 Post à Hawk’s Nest nearly 2000 ft from my front door.

If that’s not easing into it, I don’t know what is.

The Thang:

Rolled into the next week to try a few new AO’s and crossed our southern border into SOB land at the Maul (Day 5). Day 6 was arriving late to the Devil’s Turn and braved the hidden hills of Charlotte with @goonie and @Picasso. The Devils Turn was the first time I’ve traveled more than 3.5 to 4 miles in one run after averaging 2 to 2.5.

Day 7 – Wake up and nearly collapse after the first step down the living room … ankle pain… not the sauce (Post Count: 3)

Passport Challenge Lesson #1 – If you’re going to double your max run mileage, don’t do it in RainTree.

Day 8 – Post Count: 3

Day 9 – Q Source + Purchase of Kettlebells & Ankle Brace.

Day 10, 11, and 12: Swole, Bagpipe, and Meathead

Ankle recovered by Day 13 and ventured over to Shield where @Snuka (respect) introduced me to balls to the wall.

Day 14 – Mountain Goat + Coffeeteria where @slimfast and @sensei set the pace and wrap the week at DaVinci.   Day 16/17 off due to first ice-apocalypse and most AO’s are closed.  Hair freezes after running around RainTree with Wild Turkey, Ductwork, and Purple Haze and the other FastTwitchers (Day 18).  Day 19 (Post 12) is my first trip to Upper Waxhaw (Dromdary) where One Star leads bear claw races with burpee bonus to the runners up. Wrap up the week at the Valley and Kevlar and another deep freeze on Saturday. Brave the icy streets with @Hoover and @HappyMeal for a frigid 7-mile rum runner.

After 3 weeks and 15 posts, I’m seriously re-thinking this whole Thang and returning to the local and down-to-earth Hydra/Hawks Nest/Rock Zero routine.  At this point, ABBA’s up 5 or 6 posts despite not posting for a few days and already hit several Waxhaw AOs.  Hope abounds when the first spell of fortune (for me), he (unfortunately) tweaks his lower back and down for a week.  I figured it was 1 and million chance to catch the front runner and I decided to hit the local A51 AOs Anvil, Hydra, Centurion, and Rock Zero to wrap up January with a small lead and 24 posts after surprising the Waxhaw PAX at their hidden 2F lunch pow wow with Dunkin and Chastain.


After a month of daily workouts, the increase in strength and stamina is noticeable evident that I slapped a fly on the counter and shattered my cobalt wedding band – not appreciated by the M. Otherwise, the second half was a blur but there were several important firsts:  First Missed Q (Potential VQ at Hawk’s Nest – Feb 1st at least I didn’t Rick Roll anyone. Real VQ at Hydra (Feb. 10). First toddler (precedent set) at Cougar Bar for 2F Passport Stamp with Tag-a-long and Hops. And now 1st BB.

The blur continued by following Lex Luthor at each of his Q’s… Less than dominate ultimate twice…Gumby once and SOB events. It was a tad concerning how many times the PAX that Passports stamps come in the form of tramp stamps or ass-cheek tattoos. Mainly listened in on the mumblechatter and stories of the PAX which ranged from naked proposals by 2.0s to uplifting stories of PAX supporting each other.

Final week – Work out with the closest follower Dunkin several times at Skunkworks, Sparta, and a final victory lap Q at The Lycan with Chainsaw, Posse, and Dunkin.

The Moleskine:

The Passport Challenge was a great experience especially for a new member of the South CLT PAX. I came out to Hawk’s Nest in October after encouragement from a college friend (Birmingham PAX) and being asked 3 times by Deep Dish, as I taught my 2.0 to ride a bike in the Methodist Church Parking Lot beside Hydra, while the F3 runners sipped White Claws at 8 in the morning. It was kick ass to meet over a 100 PAX over the past two months and make new friends, which I had been sorely lacking.

Final Stats: 49 posts

  • 1F – 42
  • 2F – 3
  • 3F – 3
  • CSAUP – 1
  • Total Weight Lost: 10 lbs (mostly the first 3 weeks of #Dryuary)

Lessons Learned:

  1. Stay Upwind of Specific PAX during kettlebells or any squat or lunge.
  2. Do not follow PAX into the woods during a long run.
  3. Waxhaw is a hella far away.
  4. Both Deep Dish’s claim to be the first and the best.
  5. Stifle all mumblechatter by running ladder exercises up a hill.

Passport Challenge Superlatives:

Best Mumble Chatter: Hydra/ Hawk’s Nest (A51)

Most Midwife Noises: Hydra/Hawk’s Nest (A51)

Toughest Workout: The Valley – Their Mosey feels like sub 7:30 pace.

Best Coffee-teria: STACKS – Post-Joust (2nd Friday)

Most Q’s: Lex Luthor (a lock to run backwards and talk about Knees-over-Toes Guy/sleds)

Most 3F Focused: Asylum (All of Waxhaw)

Most Fun/Best Event: SOBBeer Run – Expect a schedule overrun.


Take notice Dunkin, Landfill, Das Boot, and ABBA (from DR) – I’m looking forward to repeating next year after enjoying the vast perks the dog tags are known to lavish upon the current holder.  I’ll be lobbying for the Teeter to bestow a designated parking spot, but will settle for Food Lion. Thanks to the all the welcoming Site Q’s and PAX. SYITG.


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