Go Halfway Around the Loop and Back

Go Halfway Around the Loop and Back

Rousey went with some guerrilla marketing Monday afternoon for Bagpipe and somehow promised everyone face tattoos…I think.  Apparently it piqued the curiosity of 17 Pax who came for the initiation delivered by YHC.  5:30 rolled around so we began our mosey to the parking lot near Loch Ness.

The Thing:

COP of SSH, IW, Steve Earle’s, side2side potato pickers, Peter Parkers, hold at 6 inches, Parker Peters.

Run to the rock pile by Loch Ness and rifle carry your rock to the loop around the water.  At this point I informed the group that Rousey was at another recent workout lamenting to me his soccer arms and wanted to address those.  So with that in mind we would focus on the upper body with some AMRAP’s.  Carney apparently snuck a peek at my weinke and dressed accordingly with an AMRAP t-shirt.  He apparently has been practicing his AMRAP because he was crushing it.

The group partnered up with P1 running a lap around the water.  While P1 ran P2 completed as many sets as possible of 20 curls, 20 overhead presses and 20 bent over rows.  Flapjack each time a partner runs the lap with a set AMRAP time of 13 minutes.  When the 13 minute timer hit we carried our rocks back rifle carry style.

Back to the picnic benches for the 2nd AMRAP.  Exercises were 20 dips and 20 incline merkins while the partner ran down the fitness trail to the Lance (I think) building and back.  Again 13 minutes to get as many sets in as you can.  After this time to head back to launch.



Nice big group out there this morning but alas no gang initiations or face tattoos.  Maybe next time.  The mumblechatter started early before YHC even gave the disclaimer and continued throughout.  To no one’s surprise a lot of it came from Frehley’s.  As the timer began to run down on the 1st AMRAP YHC instructed the guys leaving to run to just run part way and come back so as to not get stuck at the furthest point.  Frehley’s of course started joking that we were to run halfway around the loop and back.  Heading back to launch Rousey gave his customary challenge for anyone to race him back to launch but only this time Spitball took him up on it.  Not sure who won but it looked neck and neck from YHC’s viewpoint (I took the hamstring pull free route).


  • Blood drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall. Hit Mighty Mite up if you want to sign up.
  • Holiday party 11/19 at Old Meck.  Come hang with your brothers and kick off the holiday season.
  • Beer Mile 10/15 at South Charlotte Middle School

Thanks Rousey and Cable Guy for overseeing Bagpipe and allowing me to lead.

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