Lift Stuff Like Men!!

Lift Stuff Like Men!!

DICCS- Given and covered to include all the fun stuff– cpr, cell phone , do not sue, modify as needed ect..

Warm UP

Mosey to entrance and circle up

20 SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch

Plank/Runners Pose right side left side/10 merkins

Mosey back to beginning of parking lot

15 SSH

Jimmy Dungan stretch

Plank right arm high right leg high flap jack

monster walk for 20 paces

Mosey to COT

The Thang

5 Corners ( pair up in 3-4 peeps per group)

Corner 1- Big Boy sit ups with cinder block press at the end

Corner 2- Flutters with cinder block over head ( 20 kicks) then rollover for 10 merkins rinse repeat

Corner 3- Murder Bunnies

Corner 4- Tire Flip ( if partners waiting they will curl cinder blocks)

Corner 5-is the timer and will run 1/2 down parking lot and complete 2 burpees and return

Once everyone completes a full round sprint 1/2 way down parking lot and mosey back and repeat another round with your group

After two full rounds we will move to a fun filled Webb

Rifle carry 4 paces and then complete an exercise I call out and increase reps by 1 each time– get to 40 rifle carry paces and 10 reps of an exercise

1 blockee. 2 blockees, 3 squat thrusters, 4 blockees, 5 squat thruster – Mosey across lot and finish WEBB

6 air press, 7 air press, 8 curls. 9 curls, 10 tricep extensions yikes

2 more rounds of 5 corners  TIME UP.


What a great group today and the chatter was low since everyone was putting in the work. It has been awhile since the Chicken has flown over to Chiseled and today reminded me how much I miss this site. Lifting heavy stuff and doing different exercise adds another element to workouts and today was no exception. The PAX pushed hard and sweated their BALLS in the nasty humidity this morning  — great push by all.


Rudy– hope all is well buddy he had a arm injury today- If anyone knows of a PT or Doctor let him know he heard a pop in his forearm flipping the tire– YIKES..

5K October – check the news channel or see chicken little– would like to raise $500-$700, HAVE 7-8 volunteers, and have 10-15 runner’s als0- for mental health awareness. Happiness Through Grace is the organization.

CPR classes- every time there is a class the moneys go to Karen to purchase a AED ( If you want to donate a few bucks reach out to Surge or Posse or just Venmo a few bucks to @F3Waxhaw.

IPC is coming– UGH   we will hold group workouts Wednesday and Saturday — Then we will myth-bust like last year on Friday morning



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