I Hate Birthday Q’s

I Hate Birthday Q’s

I hate when guys sign up to Q on their birthday and then subject the whole group to their birthday burpees.  I don’t want to do burpees just because its your birthday.  That’s stupid.  Anyways, now that that’s off my chest.

Extra long DiCCS for our FNG – Gabriel Blunt from Briarcrest.



10 Burpees

Mosey to parking lot past Rudy’s Poop Palace.  Jimmy Duggan waiting on the 6 then 10 more Burpees.

Mosey to the traffic circle.  Calf stretch waiting on the 6 then a downward dog.  10 more burpees.



Mosey to football parking lot for a Star Fish.  (Yeah, thats right.  Dispite Zin’s best effort to be more like his whetstone Hooch and make all things sexual, this is known as a Star Fish).

5 jump squats in the middle.  Outside exercises were:

  • 15 Turkish Get Ups
  • 15 No Surrenders
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Right Leg
  • 15 Baryshnikov’s Left Leg


Gather the 6 in and then repeat with 10 reps on the outside and 10 jump squats in the middle.  Legs are nice and loose now.  Mosey towards the middle of the two traffic circles getting into groups of 3 as you run.

Grinder: Exercises on the ends with a runner in between.  On one end partners split 150 Ranger Merkins and 150 Wide Arm Merkins.  On the other end partners split 200 LBC’s and 200 Gas Pumpers.

Mosey to back to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

1 Burpee per light back to COT.  There were 8 lights.  (Mad Dog pushed hard just so he could arrive before me and call have a nice day for the final 30 seconds.  Veteran move).



  • Thanks to the 20 guys that joined.  I had promised no Frisbee games but little did I know that the tripod LRC crew had planned an ultimate Frisbee Q for Swarm.  I heard the frisbee hit the ground a lot and based on the mumble chatter in the playhouse, it appears everyone soaked their hands in butter over night.
  • O-69 with a powerful testimony during COT about the impact F3 has had and how some people bet against him saying he wouldn’t stick with F3.  Since apparently he has strong determination to prove people wrong…..Hey O, I bet you can’t buy me a handle of Crown once a month for a year.
  • I haven’t seen a post about yesterday’s Floater 6 man speech.  It was very powerful and I appreciate you guys sharing what’s on you mind and in your heart here recently during COT.  Keep them coming.  Your words are impacting other men.
  • Welcome FNG Swisher Sweets.  His hospital name was Gabriel Blunt so the name pretty much wrote itself.  He lives in Briarcrest and was brought out by a Lawsonite.  Pretty sure Recalc will be chirping all day about that one.
  • Great to see some old faces making it back out consistently to workouts.
  • Surge has his street crew in top shape with Falcon and Golden Plates hitting it hard lately.
  • I was partnered up with Dough Boy as the lone foursome group for the Grinder so I was able to make easy work out of the push ups leaning on Dough Boy to dominate the counts (another veteran move by my part – never pick the sniffing cat pee award winner when trying to knock out 300 Merkins).
  • Either not much mummble chatter or my heart pumping in my head was too loud today to hear anyone.  I do know it was quite moist out there and highly recommend using that word around your wife today.  I also find wives love the word penetrate.  Put them together for a real way to annoy them.



  • See Surge if you want to sign up for CPR class.  Its about an hour and a half.  August 9 or 10th at Five Stones Church.
  • Pray for Chicken’s buddy Greg dealing with a cancer scare.


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